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Common cold and cold hands

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jubr75 Wed 05-Mar-14 09:52:24

Not sure if these are linked.

My 18 month old caught a cold end of January this year and has not yet been able to get rid of it, especially as it seems to be going around the nursery that he attends too. Two weeks ago his eyes started getting gunky and he went to the doctors who said that is just the snot coming out as they cannot blow their nose at this age and it is not conjunctivities which was a relief and also he just has a cold.

His eyes are much better and his nose tends to run the worse in the morning and he still has his cough at night. He has also started to lose his appetite, although still eating, just not as much and has started to lose a little weight. Should I be worried, or just try and keep him warm and get rid of the cold? Doctor originally said there is nothing they can give him. He is on multivitamins daily and still drinks plenty of milk.

Also, he has cold hands, to an extent that they sometime start going a slight blue but his body is nice and warm. He is able to use his hands no problem and there is no restrictions and he is not bothered. Is this common or would he possibly have a circulation problem? Not sure if I need to see a doctor again as all they seem to do is say that they can't do anything as he is too young.

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