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MMR jab (3yr old) - delayed reaction?

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bigredtractor Tue 04-Mar-14 20:33:03

Hi, im wondering whether anyone has experienced delayed side effects from the MMR & Dip/ Hep 4-in-1 jab in their 3 year old?

DS had his vaccines 18 days ago but for the past 4-5 days has had a rash on his back. It is warm to touch with raised bumps and is v itchy. We're treating it with E45 cream and liquid anti-histamine (from the minor ailments pharmacy service) but having read up on what to expect, he doesn't have any of the other common symptoms associated with, say, light case of measles e.g. high temperature, loss of appetite etc. He's perfectly well other than the rash.

if it doesn't improve in a day or so I'll take him to the GP but I'm interested to know whether anyone has experienced anything similar?

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