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Baby teeth by age near 11

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BaBaSheep Tue 04-Mar-14 14:05:23

My 10y & 8m old dd still have ten baby teeth left. Just wonder many baby teeth do yours still have by about the same age? When will all the teeth be replaced by adult teeth approx.?

Seeline Tue 04-Mar-14 14:31:51

My DCs are 9.5 and 12 and both have only lost the front 8 so far. Strangely they both discovered a mildly wobbly canine the other day so competition is now on as to who can loose it first grin

Badvoc Tue 04-Mar-14 14:32:31

Ds1 is nearly 11 and has only lost 8 teeth.
His dentist says he should lose more in to he next year or so....

Mrsmorton Tue 04-Mar-14 14:53:07

Just checking you know they will have grown adult molars behind their last baby tooth. This is the first permanent molar and is Very Important.

Edenviolet Tue 04-Mar-14 14:58:02

Ds1 is 7 and hasn't lost any teeth yet, he also has extra teeth so I'm worried that he might not have any second teeth!

Mrsmorton Tue 04-Mar-14 16:51:50

Where are his extra teeth and how long have they been there?

Edenviolet Tue 04-Mar-14 17:01:48

Upper front tooth an extra one and molars at the back are 'double' teeth like two have merged they are HUGE.

CPtart Tue 04-Mar-14 17:02:11

DS11 has only lost nine teeth. No more wobblies either.

Mrsmorton Tue 04-Mar-14 18:30:26

And you're sure these are still primary teeth and not his new adult molars?
Has he had any x rays taken? An extra tooth at the front (is it normal tooth shape) can sometimes prevent the upper incisors erupting when they are supposed to. I'm sure your dentist has checked it out.

Edenviolet Tue 04-Mar-14 19:56:36

He got the extra front one when he was about a year old along with the other front teeth and when the molars came through they were as if two teeth were one with six points not four if you know what I mean like a 'double tooth'

Dentist said to keep an eye on things ds has a check up again in June.

Edenviolet Tue 04-Mar-14 20:05:38

The extra front tooth is larger than the other two front teeth, wider and longer.

Edenviolet Tue 04-Mar-14 20:06:01

Sorry for thread hijack.

Mrsmorton Tue 04-Mar-14 21:17:43

Sounds really interesting! I don't treat children so I'm now as au fait with developmental oddities like that but, the good thing about it being interesting is, if he has got teeth missing, you might get into the books of a restorative consultant who will write a paper about it smile this would be A Good Thing.

BlueHairedFreak Tue 04-Mar-14 21:20:53

My DD is almost 15 and still has a couple of milk teeth. The damn things just don't want to fall out.

Dwerf Tue 04-Mar-14 21:29:58

My last baby tooth fell out when I was 18. Well, it was the last one to fall out, the proper last one is still rooted.

To be honest I have no idea how many baby teeth my preteens still have.

PepeLePew Tue 04-Mar-14 22:08:23

I still have two baby teeth and no adult teeth above. I'm 41...

callamia Tue 04-Mar-14 22:14:55

I had my last four removed when I was 16. I don't know why they weren't just allowed to fall out on their own.

MissYamabuki Tue 04-Mar-14 22:21:19

Still one baby tooth here (a canine), i'm 36. My dentist says it's not uncommon. It's not wobbly or anything :-)

Littlefish Tue 04-Mar-14 22:32:34

My dh and his dad both still have a couple of baby teeth. My dad and I both have two missing incisors at the top. Heaven help poor dd!

Mrsmorton Tue 04-Mar-14 22:40:18

Missing incisors are the most common tooth to be missing (the lateral incisor, next to the big one) after wisdom teeth. Canines often have the permanent tooth impacted somewhere above it but sometimes completely missing.

With the incisors, there's lots that can be done to disguise the fact that the tooth is missing, if it bothers you/DD.

Teeth are really quite interesting and we all have them so my aim in life is to bang on educate people about them as much as I possibly can grin

Littlefish Tue 04-Mar-14 22:54:48

I was really lucky Mrsmorton and had braces which did a brilliant job of closing up the gaps, plus my canines are very blunt so, unless you look very carefully, you would never know that I have missing teeth.

All of dd's top teeth have come through, but one of her bottom 4 front teeth is missing. She'd been x-rayed and the dentist says that it's just not there! we are hoping that as her molars fall out and grow back, that the gaps will close up, but her teeth will never look symmetrical.

Mrsmorton Tue 04-Mar-14 23:02:42

No but no one will be able to tell from what I call social distance (arms length).

I did braces for this issue on one of the only two orthodontic patients I've ever treated as a student. Lovely girl with autism who always wanted pink smile

heymammy Thu 06-Mar-14 22:45:49

Dd1 is also 10.8 and still has 10 baby teeth left, I'm sure they don't lose the last molars until early teens. I remember being 13 and a tooth falling out whilst I was at a friend's house...I thought it was because it was rotten, I had no idea it was a baby tooth!

Beehatch Thu 06-Mar-14 22:51:24

I'm 40 something and have 2 baby teeth (adult ones are there sideways in the gum above) and one missing molar.

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