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Frith1975 Thu 27-Feb-14 22:48:02

Does anyone have any experience of an orchiopexy operation?

My oldest (13) had testicle pain about 4 years ago but an examination and ultrasound showed nothing.

The pain has been on and off again the last few months so he went to see the GP this morning. The GP found a cyst but says the intermittent pain is due to partial torsion (ouch!) and that a small op to tether the testicles in the right place would sort it out.

I've never heard of this before so wondered if anyone else had come across it?

KurriKurri Fri 28-Feb-14 09:15:42

My cousin had an op for a testicle torsion when he was about 8 IIRC, his was an emergency op because it happened very suddenly. From what I remember (and it was a good few years ago - he's got his own kids now!) it's a fairly small op. and recovery is quite quick.

My own DS had a lot of testicle pain when he was about 16, and although it seemed to ressolve itself, the consultant did tell us that if the pain ever got really bad you need to get him to the hospital quickly, because it would be a torsion and that needs to be dealt with fast. - Don't want to alarm you because I'm sure that won't happen with your lad, but better to know these things just in case!

I think if an op. would stop the problem becoming worse, then it would be worth it, and possibly they'd be able to deal with the cyst at the same time if that is hurting him. I think it will be sore for a little while afterwards, but not for too long.

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