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emmaliz111 Thu 27-Feb-14 11:19:04

hi im just wonerding if anyone has been on a paediatric first aid course and what your experience was like iv got one booked on the 29/30th march with Life support medics in speak and have heard great things about them but not sure what to expect? is the course easy to get the hang of thanx x

NCISaddict Thu 27-Feb-14 11:24:24

I've not got any direct experience of this organisation but I've been on a few in the past when I worked for a nursery and they are designed not to be difficult. Lots of practicals and plenty of time to ask questions. Is it for work?

emmaliz111 Thu 27-Feb-14 12:00:45

thank you for the reply no its just for myself so i know how to deal with things like chocking ect the britsh red cross werent very informative so thats why i went with this company i heard they were really good and the instructor is actually a clinician so has the experience plus there less expensive than everywhere i looked cant believe the prices some people were charging! by the way cant get enough of NCIS!

NCISaddict Thu 27-Feb-14 12:11:09

Well done, I wish everyone would do a first aid course. It will help with things like what to do when your child falls over as well as the life threatening things like choking.
Good Luck.

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