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6 month old has chicken pox

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ThreeBecameFour Thu 27-Feb-14 08:53:07

My 6 mo ds has a really bad case of cp... he is covered, absolutely covered in spots from head to toe and he is miserable. He hasn't slept for 2 nights, I am dosing him with calpol/nurofen/piriton (on advice of gp) and using the vira soothe cp gel on him at regular intervals, plus oat baths. He is really upset by it. His temp has been fine until 4am this morning when it was 39.6. I have it back down to 37.8 now. The GP phoned me to chat but hasn't seen him...I think they are trying to avoid me bringing him in in case others in the waiting room get it which I understand.. but 6 months is such a young age and he has it so badly... any advice on keeping him comfy/anything else I can do? He is now at the spots blistering stage. This is far worse than dd had it 2 weeks ago... advice v much appreciated. We are all shattered and hate seeing ds like this...

DeWe Thu 27-Feb-14 09:40:48

My dd2 had it at the same age after her dsis gave it her. Dd1 had 50 spots, dd2 we gave up counting at 500... in the end she was one big spot.
The GP did see her at one point, but although she has a few scars she was okay. Miserable fortnight.

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