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Neck pain or reflux?

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mummy2bears Tue 25-Feb-14 20:55:59

Hello, my 6yr old has been complaining that her neck is "weird" when she lies down at night, this has been going on for past 18 months. She says it feels like food in her neck and insists on sleeping with 3 pillows or sat up against the wall, so at first I thought it was reflux, and stopped her bedtime milk but that didn't help. She has been seen by paediatricians on and off since she was 2 yrs for gross motor delay and suspected neuromuscular disorder, when we saw them last in sept I mentioned it to them but they didn't seem concerned or offer any advice.
Last week she was trying to do a poo, she gets constipated and suddenly started screaming and crying saying her neck was weird, few minutes later she was fine.
Does this sound like reflux?

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