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4 fillings and he's only four

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madeitagain Wed 19-Feb-14 20:39:19

Took my healthy four year old to the dentist yesterday. His first visit was six months ago and there were no problems. I was shocked when the dentist told me he had four holes in his teeth. I felt awful. I do let my son eat sweets in moderate amounts. He has a reasonably healthy diet and brushes his teeth. I normally give them a brush as well. I just felt neglectful. I am well aware thanks to the dentist and knowledge about teeth which I did not always put into practice how to rectify things. But I wish I had done so earlier!

trumpfamily Wed 19-Feb-14 21:16:34

Apparently eating raisins is bad for a child's teeth as once eaten the remains sit on the top of the teeth. Would advise eating them in moderation based on that fact. Eating cheese after acidic fruits will neutralise the acidity too. Like yourself my Son has had several fillings, felt dreadful too (also had a tooth removed). I went down the timer, alcohol free mouthwash/plaque disclosing tablets and the floss sticks route. The timer made it fun, the mouthwash and plaque disclosing tablets gave a visual aid and the floss sticks are much easier to use. Advised not to encourage them to rinse their mouth with water after brushing as the remains of toothpaste left in the mouth should be left to work. Also made a conscious effort to watch carefully when he brushed his teeth rather than potter around upstairs rinsing the bath, etc., etc.; he was chewing the brush rather than brushing! I have a Daughter who hasn't had a single filling and unfortunately my Son's attitude to dental hygiene just isn't the same, doesn't see the importance of a nice smile even as a teenager. Frustrating. Good luck.

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