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Chest infection: dosis for antibiotics, and weeing!

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dodi1978 Mon 17-Feb-14 07:53:09

Sorry for the eclectic subject line!

My DS who is 6 1/2 month has got a chest infection. He was on a week of antibiotics (2.5ml every three hours) two weeks ago. After the end of the treatment seemed absolutely fine (no coughing, no rattling sound in the lungs) so I thought this is done and dusted.

However, then the cough came back and we went to the out of hours service yesterday. He is back on antibiotics now as the doctor suggested the infection hadn't properly cleared.

This doctor prescribed 5ml three times a day - unfortunately, I only discovered this at the pharmacy counter and wasn't able to ask her about it. The pharmacist suggested that this is ok, but do any of you have any experience? I'll call my regular GP later on.

Related question: since he has had the chest infection, he has started weeing on the changing table again, which means I take the nappy off and then he wees all over the place. I know, he is only little and will do that every now and then, but he seems to have restarted this ever since being ill! He had done this very rarely for a couple of months. Could this be related?

Sirzy Mon 17-Feb-14 08:30:49

I'm not sure what your issue with the antibiotics is? Sounds like a pretty standard dose.

Hope he feels better soon

dodi1978 Mon 17-Feb-14 11:05:32

My OH used the leaflet to calculate how many MG DS should maximally have per day, and 5ml seem to exceed the maximum recommended dose for children. Also, the fact that the dose was 2.5ml during the first course of treatment.

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