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Dentist or hospital for 5yo tooth extraction?

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neverlookback Wed 12-Feb-14 23:03:05

My 5yo ds has had a bad tooth at the back that has been filled and filled and the filling just keeps falling out, a couple of weeks ago the dentist said just leave it out and see what happens, the tooth is loose and he is in no pain, but he now has an abscess above it, still no pain but now dentist said it needs to come out, ds scared and upset at thought of any treatment, which do you think is best option, dentist can numb gum with gel then inject local and extract what is left of tooth, can be over and done with by next week or refer us to hospital which will take a long time but I think they will sedate him or use gas so he may not be as aware of what is going on and have less memory of the ordeal?? Anyone been through this with their dc?? Dentist said its upto us which we choose?
Thanks smile

neverlookback Wed 12-Feb-14 23:04:14

I'll just add all his other teeth are strong and lovely! Just this one with the problems!!!

EmmaGellerGreen Wed 12-Feb-14 23:09:52

My dsl (5) has had 2 front teeth taken out as the new ones had come through and the baby ones were stuck tight. The dentist whipped them both out really quickly after just applying the gel. Ds was quite cross the first time, fine the second time. No tears at all, just a sticker, cuddles and the morning off school. I think I was more anxious than he was.

Madmog Thu 13-Feb-14 09:27:12

I appreciate your son has an abscess so it's going to be tender, but our dentist took my daughter's tooth out unexpectedly at 6pm. We had the last check up appointment of the day, and as I didn't know this would happen I hadn't planned anything soft for tea. She came home and eat her chicken nuggets and veggies (obviously chewing on the other side) as if nothing had happened.

It was over quite quickly and the dentist was brilliant with her.

neverlookback Thu 13-Feb-14 11:41:50

Well he's got anti biotics for 5 days so hopefully abscess will go, it's near the back but very wobbly so should came out very easily, I think it's just calming him down enough to let her get in his mouth properly and hiding the needle, does the numbing gel they use really work if so I think he will be fine

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