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impetigo, conjunctivitis and thrush

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yangsun Wed 12-Feb-14 22:28:46

My dd has been diagnosed with all three at the same time. Are they connected or has she just been incredibly unlucky? The impetigo is round her lips and thrush is in nappy area. I feel like the worst parent ever but I do change her nappy as soon as it gets used and I make sure she washes hands regularly. Are they connected and could this be a sign of some bigger problem with her immune system? Many thanks for any advice

nostress Wed 12-Feb-14 22:36:08

Impetigo-bacterial, thrush-fungal and conjunctivitis can be bacterial or viral. Impetigo highly contagious as is bacterial conj. viral conj you usually get after a cold/flu.

Dont worry all perfectly normal! But talk to your gp if you are worried.

Has she had a cold? That can leave you a little down. Try leaving nappy off a bit to let the air circulate and take whatever the dr has prescibed.

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