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Red mark on face

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BigDaddy70 Wed 12-Feb-14 10:32:48

My 2yo gets a red blotch on one cheek when he's very tired, if he's stressed or sometimes when he's been outside, especially if it's been cold/windy. We've tried moisturiser cream (Emolium I think) plus another emollient I was given when I had some very mild excema a short while ago. Doesn't seem to work. GP suggested (without having seen him yet) a touch of excema, or that we should try a cool mist humidifier while he sleeps. Anyone had anything similar? It doesn't seem to itch, at least he doesn't scratch it.

Elderberri Wed 12-Feb-14 17:42:13

My boy has keratosis pilatis, which means his skin is randomly blotchy all the time.

Once he got eczema and coconut oil got rid of it. You can buy it solid from holland and Barrett , it's expensive, I use it for all over Cody, you can eat it and cook with it, it lasts ages.

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