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Upset tummy when adult teeth coming through?

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CoffeeandChocolateplease Tue 11-Feb-14 20:57:56

My DS (4.11) is already starting to get his adult teeth come through. He has one molar fully through, two, possibly three other molars halfway through, and this weekend he lost his first front tooth and the new one is already poking through. So lots going on in his mouth!

The problem we are having is that every time a new tooth comes through, he seems to get an upset stomach and has accidents. No fever or illness, just loose stools. He has had a couple of accidents at school, including one today. I am not sure if this is linked to the teeth, but it seems to coincide.

He suffered with very toxic poos when he cut new teeth as a baby - I know that there is no official evidence for this, but for him, it was very clear when a new tooth was coming through as his poos would be distinctively revolting and he would have terrible nappy rash sometimes causing bleeding. This never happened at other times, only when a tooth was cutting, so there did seem to be a strong link.

So my question is, can the same thing happen with adult teeth? Has anyone had this and can give advice? He is ok with going to the toilet at other times, though is prone to getting distracted and not realising straight away.

I'm not really sure what advice anyone can give me apart from keep reminding him to go to the toilet but it would be interesting to hear if anyone has experienced the same.

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