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Effective non-drowsy travel sickness remedy for 5 yr old.

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Bellini12 Sun 09-Feb-14 14:42:17

My 5 year old has been suffering with travel sickness for 1.5 years now. It appears to be getting worse, even a 25 minute journey can leave her pale and complaining of a 'poorly tummy'. I really feel for her as I suffered as a child and it was miserable.

We have the travel bands which do help for short journeys. Then we discovered traveleeze for longer journeys and it was MARVELLOUS, she had no symptoms and it was such a relief. But... They appear to have stopped making this product. I am so gutted. It was a pastille and so easy to take and was so effective.

Could anyone let me know if this will be restocked anytime soon (I've been looking for a while) or offer an alternative? Preferably something easy to take and non-drowsy?

Funnyfoot Mon 10-Feb-14 02:05:31

My son has quite severe travel sickness (he's 11) we give him tic tacs or polos. Does the trick.

Goldensunnydays81 Mon 10-Feb-14 02:34:15

Ds gets travel sick and like you we have been using traveleze which according to my chemist they are supposed to be bringing them back out in the next few months

Madmog Mon 10-Feb-14 10:13:43

My daughter is 12 and still suffers from travel sickness. She says her travel bands need to be on before the engine starts and it helps her if she's listening to music. When she was younger we used to have childrens stories on tape for her to listen to.

We make sure she doesn't travel on an empty stomach (as I suffer from travel sickness myself and find it's worse if I haven't got much in my system) and avoid anything milky before travelling as this seems to ascerbate the sickness. Unfortunately, it is something that can some on quite quickly.

Bellini12 Mon 10-Feb-14 10:33:33

My daughter always has rosy cheeks. I can always tell when she is suffering as the colour just drains from her face and she looks yellow. It's also ruling where we go and what we do.

That's great news if they are bringing traveleeze back! I will buy it in bucket loads! Any idea of when exactly goldensunnydays? I did email the manufacturer but never got a reply.

I have bought some kids Kwells and wondered if anyone had tried these?

Bellini12 Mon 17-Feb-14 18:07:03

For anyone that is having the same problem as me and can't find Traveleeze, apparently 'sea legs' tablets are the same (have the same active ingredient at the same strength). Although these are also difficult to find, they are still being made in New Zealand and you can buy easily through online pharmacy. I can breathe again!

There is also 'bonine' from the US however they are double the dose although the pharmacist assured me they can be cut into quarters.

Even 20 minute journeys this half term are proving a problem!

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