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Does portion syrup help dry up noses?

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Mintymomma03 Sun 09-Feb-14 00:08:23

Help and advice needed my 8mth old ds is full of a cold. I have tried: plug ins, snuffle baby, Vicks on feet, albos oil, saline drops up his nose, propping up his cot in fact everything I can think of and nothing is working all of it in 1 go too!! He's had it for 3 weeks he's shattered from not sleeping we are shattered too. As medised and cal cold have been withdrawn I'm at a loss and frankly totally desperate!! �� Has anyone used pririton syrup for runny noses? Does it help? And is it safe for an 8mth old? Please help..

ilovepowerhoop Sun 09-Feb-14 08:57:28

piriton isnt licensed for under 1's and vicks isnt suitable for under 2's. Have you had him at the gp to get him checked out?

p.s. any of the stuff that would work is now only suitable for age 6+ years

LoveSewingBee Sun 09-Feb-14 18:47:55

It is hard. Possibly a saline spray like Sterimar is a bit easier to use than saline drops. You can use it several times during the day and night, eg when waking up with stuffed nose, before feeding, before going to bed and in between when necessary. It really does help but is a matter of persevering.

Decongestants are no longer available for under 6s (unless prescribed by GP/paediatrician). There have been some safety concerns, plus there could be quite a few side effects. I used to use it for myself but they now cause me to have severe chills, insomnia, nightmares, which are all known and well documented side effects so it really is not an easy option even if it was still available.

If you can manage it may also work to let him sleep on your shoulder whilst you sit upright, in this way he stays really upright which will help his breathing.

Hopefully he gets better soon, if not, best to ask GP for further advice.

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