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Frequent nosebleeds when to worry

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Stressedtothehilt Sat 08-Feb-14 17:32:10

Dd has been unwell since last Sunday with a high fever. Doc could find no cause and put it down to flu. She's had a rough cough as well but got her checked again yesterday and again could find no reason for fever so said again its flu or virus. Fever has gone today although still seems a bit whinged and lethargic.

Anyway on Thurs school rang to say dd had had a nosebleed first thing in morn then another in the afternoon. Thought was odd as she's only ever had one before and that was due to picking it!!! School said she had been talking to teacher at time and eating the other time so wasn't picking it or rubbing it etc. On Friday she went to school and school rang us to say she had a nosebleed that they couldn't stop and she was coughing on the blood etc and could we collect her. Today she was talking to me and her nose just suddenly started bleeding. So is 4 nosebleeds in 3 days common? I asked doc yesterday about the three she had had at school and he just shrugged and said nothing really! Seems strange they've come on so suddenly

Jinty64 Sat 08-Feb-14 21:37:09

My two older boys both have phases of quite bad nose bleeds. Once you have a weaker blood vessel in one nostril it is more prone to bleeding. They have never needed any treatment and, after ruining a few sheets and pillow cases it usually passes.

If she keeps getting them, develops more bruises than usual or little patches of tiny red spots go back to your dr and ask for blood tests.

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