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6 wk old in hospital with Bronchiolitis- support/shared stories pls!

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mumofthreeboysS Sat 08-Feb-14 08:54:58

My 6 week old baby has been admitted to hospital with bronchiolitis. He's on oxygen and a drip and is nil by mouth at the moment. I'm so scared and worried. He started getting Ill in Monday and we went to a&e Thurs night as he was grunting whilst breathing. They monitored and discharged him (not thinking it was bronchiolitis) then Friday I thought he wasn't himself- laboured breathing and sleepy and took him to the doc who said he should go to hosp. Doc at hosp diagnosed him and here we are. Doc has told me they have to get over the worst Of it then will start getting better. But what if he doesn't? I can't bring myself to ask the doc this and haven't told my DH about my fears. He's so tiny and I feel so helpless. I can't even feed him (have been bf and am expressing ATM) any similar stories to give me hope or advice?

Elibean Sun 16-Feb-14 10:17:06

Glad you're home flowers

dd was also nursed on her tummy in hospital, and for her - she had a floppy larynx - it was also much, much more comfortable ongoingly. I struggled a while but within weeks she was able to turn herself and so I gave up. She still sleeps on her tummy aged 7, like a little frog smile

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