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One year old with a fever - what do I do? No mum to ask... :(

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bronya Fri 07-Feb-14 18:04:37

I have given Calpol and he's in just his top (no jumper) but he still feels so hot! How often should I take his temp? And at what point do I worry? He went to the GP earlier regarding his breathing and has an inhaler for that, but he wasn't so hot then! Advice needed, this is his first fever and I don't have anyone IRL to ask (other than 111!).

shallweshop Fri 07-Feb-14 18:07:29

Have you got any ibuprofen? If so, you can alternate calpol and ibuprofen but leave at least half an hour between doses. Might just help bring temp down. I have heard you shouldnt do the cold sponge thing any more. Hope he's ok but if temp doesn't come down soon, ring OOH.

larrygrylls Fri 07-Feb-14 19:17:23

Don't worry so much about the fever. Things to really worry about are certain rashes (google meningitis rash), non responsiveness or abnormal breathing (sucking in under or between ribs, v rapid breathing). If any of the above, take to a&e. if high fever but otherwise plush in herself, just keep up neurofen and paracetamol.

ianleeder Fri 07-Feb-14 20:19:37

Nurofen, calpol and lots of water. Dress him in lightweight clothes so he's not overheated. Take his temperature regularly. If his temperature is still high,take him to a&e

Showy Fri 07-Feb-14 20:34:19

You can google or check NICE or NHS for official guidelines, but in brief:

Don't give anti-pyretics (paracetamol or ibuprofen) for a fever in isolation. A fever on its own is the body fighting an illness. It's a good thing, try and remember that.

Give either calpol or ibuprofen if he is in pain, discomfort or unwell. If whichever one you are giving doesn't work, swap to the other and if you are still worried, take medical advice and they may advise alternating and they may want to check him out. Don't routinely alternate them.

There is no temperature at which a child must have medical attention. Some dc cope well with high temps, some are very poorly with only a mild fever. Try and look at your child. How does he look? Is he still drinking and hydrated? Is he breathing normally now? No sucking in under the ribs or around the throat? No rash? No unusual drowsiness or inability to rouse? The numbers on a thermometer don't tell you anything concrete about how he actually is. Try and judge how he is based on everything else you have.

A fever can make a child miserable. Fluids or ice lollies help. Light, loose, cotton clothing and a sheet instead of a duvet/blanket. You want to aim for making him comfortable in gentle ways, not shocking his body so it shivers as this will raise the temperature which will make him feel unwell and tired. Air circulating can help so a crack of a window open but a comfortable not cold room. Or a fan on but not directly on him, just in the same room. Did they say what was causing the bug? Is it a cold or did they diagnose something else? Breathing problems associated with respiratory tract infections can be helped by steam (in the bathroom, shower on or kettle boiling in the room repeatedly or a damp towel on a radiator). And cold outside air can help too. Wrapped up, a quick walk outside can help the airways sometimes. But if you are concerned about breathing and it doesn't ease with things like propping up the cot, vicks on a rag tied to the bed, snufflebabe, steam, quick stroll outside, then seek further help.

Trust your instincts. You are his Mum. Any concerns, phone and chat to somebody on NHS direct (if you're in this country) or whatever is available.

It's so miserable seeing them poorly but chances are it will pass and he will bounce back quickly.

Have a sneaky hug too. Sounds like you need it.

JassyRadlett Fri 07-Feb-14 20:54:50

What's his temp now? Consider calling OOH, they generally err on the side of safety for little ones if the temp isn't budging.

Does he have any other symptoms?

It's always a Friday night. DS has extremely good form for Friday night ear infections with sudden 40'C plus temps.

bronya Fri 07-Feb-14 23:08:01

Thank you so much everyone smile . His temp has gone down, he has had a steamy bath, snufflebabe and the inhaler. So far so good. The info you have all posted is very helpful - it is quite scary not really knowing what to do!!!!

Showy Sat 08-Feb-14 07:55:21

How is he this morning?

I have a 2yo with a rotten cold atm so the steam/snufflebabe/inhaler routine is ingrained into our daily routine. Tis the season for snot and coughing tra la la la bloody la, eh?

Hope you had a good night.

bronya Sat 08-Feb-14 16:02:11

He's much better, thanks smile. Currently playing quietly, which is much more than he'd do yesterday, when he just kept climbing onto my lap to go to sleep! He spent last night in our bed though, propped up so his chest could drain, and he woke me each time the snufflebabe/inhaler wore off and his breathing worsened again. Hopefully tonight will be better!

Stressedtothehilt Sat 08-Feb-14 19:14:29

Another thing to remember is temp will always spike in the evening or at night. So they may be fine all day then quite poorly at night

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