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When did you know your child had special needs?

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IndiaBound Fri 07-Feb-14 01:12:13

Hi all,

Our DD was born 9 weeks early but after an initial 2 weeks in NICU, has gone strength to strength constitutionally.

She did develop a squint at 3mo and the eye specialist wanted a neurological opinion who in turn ordered an MRI.

The MRI showed no problems with the eyes of their nerves but did note 'very reduced white matter' and 'very thin collosum'.

Talking to the neurologist, this probably explains what they are currently terming 'mild development delay' (DD is 9.5mo rolls both ways, babbles on and is trying to sit but still doesn't do mini push ups).

We've been under physio for months and she is pretty pleased with progress.

However, I spoke to the neurologist tonight and she ruled out things like CP, stated we needed to let stimulate DD to assist new pathways to grow in the brain, said she was very confident DD would walk and talk but wouldn't make a call on whether DD would need special needs schooling / assistance in the further. She wants to see her again in 4 months to guage progress as well as referring us to a paed to establish her current mental age and a plan for the simulation.

Myself and my partner will love and care for DD no matter what life throws at us but we'd ideally love her to be independent, have relationships, etc in the future.

So, I wonder if this story resonates with anyone and for those with special kids (that's not shorthand - from what I know SO kids are special in unique ways) when and what was the first real diagnosis?

Don't know how to sign off... Take care all I guess

Everysilverlining Fri 07-Feb-14 13:32:33

we knew when DS was diagnosed. come over to SN and ask as many questions as you have. DS has CP is nearly 4 and can't walk. However he is going to mainstream school.

tacal Wed 12-Feb-14 17:54:35

hi, I hope you have posted on the special needs children board. I have had lots of really helpful advice from the people who post on that board. My ds has high functioning autism and it became obvious when he was at nursery. When he was mixing with other kids I could see how different he was. He was diagnosed when he was at nursery. He is now in a mainstream school and is doing really well.

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