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Dd2 4.6 poorly for 4 days

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Stressedtothehilt Thu 06-Feb-14 16:46:46

Dd2 been poorly since Sunday night when she came down with 40degree temp. We assumed it was chest or ear infection and took her to docs on mon. Doc checked everything inc urine and said most likely flu. Fever wouldn't reduce with carpool or nurofen on mon or tue but by wed afternoon it had returned to normal with medicine. Today's she still has a temp of 38.2 and still feels shivery and has a bad cough and is very nasally congested. She had 2 nosebleeds today. Her eyes look all red and watery. How long do you leave a temp before returning to doc? Anyone's doc got similar at the mo

BeaWheesht Thu 06-Feb-14 19:16:46

Flu is much nastier than most people think.

Ds had it aged 4 and he got better on day 4 I think but then worse on day 5 again, if this happens I'd get her checked. Also if you're worried then get her checked. Ds ended up with pneumonia which wasn't picked up until a chest x ray (couldn't be heard with stethoscope). I'm not saying this to scare you but more just to say to trust your instincts because docs tried to fob me off but I insisted.

Stressedtothehilt Thu 06-Feb-14 20:09:57

Thanks bea, I am a bit worried about as she isn't usually ill for this long! I shall see what tomorrow brings and take her back to docs if still poorly

Waitingforsherlock Thu 06-Feb-14 21:41:53

My dd, (10), had something similar sounding last week. Temp of 40, shivering, cracking headache, extremely sore throat and hacking cough. Her nose then started to run by about day 4 but I know that this was something far more significant than a cold. She had a high temp for six days and it came on very suddenly. Two visits to the GP found nothing bacterial and she managed to shake it off on day 7. Deeply unpleasant and really scary. Hope your dd better soon.

BettyMacdonald Thu 06-Feb-14 21:55:48

We've had something similar for the last two weeks. Ds1 had a high temp for two days then was fine. DH had a high temp (37.7 - 38.8) plus a chesty cough, shivers, aches, runny nose, exhaustion etc for 5 days, he ended up needing a course of antibiotics for a chest infection. Then DS2 (4) got it and was properly ill for 7 days. His temp has been up to 39.6 plus all the symptoms DH had. He's also on antibiotics because of how unwell he's been and he's quite chesty. He's still very washed out and needing a two hour nap every afternoon despite sleeping for 12 hours every night sad. The GP said it's really doing the rounds and that she'd had it the week before. DS2 then gave it to me. Nice
hmm. Your poor DD. I would definitely take her to the doctor as although our GP thought it was initially viral flu, she wanted to treat a probable bacterial secondary infection as my DS was so poorly and only 4. HTH and good luck

bigwellylittlewelly Thu 06-Feb-14 22:05:38

We've just had this. Dd1 had a high fever for 72h and then a cold but very very tired. Baby dd2 got very sick and then narrowly avoided hospital and I have developed pleurisy.

GP said all of is had had the flu, it was pretty bad. Loads of fluids and antipyretic. Ten days on and dc are onto another cold but I'm still pretty much bedbound with no appetite.

bigwellylittlewelly Thu 06-Feb-14 22:06:21

I hope your dd is better soon and I'd have another trip to GP to rule out secondary infection

babyphat Fri 07-Feb-14 19:30:15

Man, I think we all have this too. It's been brutal. I've had a fever for 5 days now and both kids have it - my dd2 (1.5) is the worst. Miserable, off her food, just wants to breastfeed (she's normally almost weaned - just one feed first thing and one at bedtime). Was going to ride it out but think might take to dr to check her over.

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