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Chicken pox - sores on tongue?

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JackieBrambles Tue 04-Feb-14 16:15:02

My almost 1 year old DS has chicken pox. One of his friends had it diagnosed last week so we were expecting it!

The first spots arrived on Sunday and more arrived yesterday, they are mainly all over his legs, his bum, his hands and also around his mouth.

He's very unhappy and since this morning he doesn't want to breastfeed. It's almost like its sore to latch on. He was crying through lunch and didn't eat much (not like him) and he doesn't want milk from a bottle either.

It looks like he's got little sores on the front of his tongue, is this the pox?

Anyone else had this?

I've given him a cold cucumber stick which he's chewed and he's stopped crying. I've got nurofen, calpol and stuff for the spots on his body but not sure what else might help? I'm worried about getting fluids into him!

Nevercan Tue 04-Feb-14 17:51:00

My dd1 got them in her mouth and ears aswell - I felt really sorry for her

Newsofaarrived Tue 04-Feb-14 17:53:43

My 5 year old has it at the mo too. We're also using liquid piriton to stop the itching - check with your pharmacist to see if he can have it too - will make him feel so much better x x x

MacademiaNut Tue 04-Feb-14 17:57:20

Could it be hand foot and mouth? This can cause mouth sores and a rash.

JackieBrambles Tue 04-Feb-14 18:31:31

I did wonder about hand foot and mouth but his friend has definitely had the pox as her gp diagnosed it and they've spent loads of time together.

Plus he's got spots over all of his legs/bum/groin and some on his neck/back? Can they be there with hand foot and mouth? Maybe I'm being too literal though!

I've got some piriton, thanks newsof. Not that it seems to be helping too much.

He's having water from his sippy cup but won't bf or take formula from a bottle. He hardly are any dinner but is now causing havoc in front of in the night garden. He always perks up when dad is due home!! Hmmm.

DeWe Tue 04-Feb-14 23:00:46

DS had chickenpox on his tongue (and in ears etc). You need to watch out for breathing difficulties if they are going down inside his lungs. Ds was fine once he'd recovered, but had the GP worried enough for a few home visits.

JackieBrambles Wed 05-Feb-14 08:45:50

Thanks DeWe - He has a nasty cough and is very dribbly but seems to be breathing ok. Managed to get him a gp appt this morning, I will wait outside to prevent infecting anyone!!

DeWe Wed 05-Feb-14 09:34:30

If you tell the receptionists on arrival, they may have a separate room you can wait in. Ours does-it even has a separate entrance so you don't go through the waiting room.
Hope he's okay.

MrsCharlesBrandon Wed 05-Feb-14 09:45:13

DS had it very badly at almost 3yo. Had pox on his tongue, in ears, and even on his penis (poor boy!) He stopped eating for 4 days and still can't tolerate mint toothpaste. He's 4.5 now.

Piriton, ibuprofen, and ice lollies were our friends then. Hope your DS feels better soon!

Seeline Wed 05-Feb-14 09:47:29

definitely can have them in mouth and down throat. I had it at 15 and can clearly remember the pain! DD had them too - ice lollies and ice cream helped.

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