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Raised AST levels; what could they mean? Worried.

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Monkeyandanimal Tue 04-Feb-14 15:59:14

DS is nearly 4. When he was 2 he had blood tests to rule out any genetic disorders that might be causing his Delayed Development. The genetic tests were all clear but tests showed that this particular liver enzyme was high. He had another test 6months later which was still high. Then we moved back to uk and gp decided he should have this liver enzyme checked again. It is still high, so we have just had a paediatrician appointment, and i am worrying. He has ordered more blood tests and an ultrasound, and says if they can't work out why the enzyme is raised from these then he will have to have a liver biopsy.

Can anyone tell me what they think they will find? what are they looking for? What could be the problem? I am so worried about my little boy having a long term liver disease but the doc really wasn't very clear about what the reading could indicate......

DS deems pretty healthy to me.....

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