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10 yr old with chest infection - I need some advice, please.

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MyArseIsbiggerThanYours Sun 02-Feb-14 21:10:27

Dd has had nasty cold for 2 weeks (cough, catarrah). Thurs last week she developed a temperature so I took her to the docs and she diagnosed an 'upper' chest infection and started erythromycin (dd asked for tablets rather than liquid medicine). She doesn't have a temperature today but is still very tired and hardly eating (ate a good breakfast and then virtually nothing else today) and I think her cough, which had almost gone, seems to be a little worse.
Is it a case of back to the doctor do you think or wait until she has finished the antibiotics?

MolotovCocktail Sun 02-Feb-14 21:13:14

Take her back tomorrow. Worst case is that you'll be reassured she's fine and feel a bit silly, but at least you won't be worrying smile
Hope she gets well soon x

EsioTrot Sun 02-Feb-14 21:14:52

Would your doc be able to give an advice call tomorrow? Ours will call you back if you request it and will then squeeze you into their emergency afternoon slot if necessary to see you.

Your poor DD - hope she's better soon.

LoveSewingBee Sun 02-Feb-14 21:22:37

Erythromycin can make you feel nauseous/upset tummy so this may be why she doesn't want to eat. Clarithromycin is at least as effective but has far fewer side effects and only needs to be taken twice in 24 hours. So you could consider asking GP to change a/b.

These A/b are often prescribed as second line defence against pneumonia so it is very important that she finishes the full course!

MyArseIsbiggerThanYours Sun 02-Feb-14 21:30:03

Lovesewingbee - I hadn't forgotten about that, although she hasn't had an upset tummy or complained of feeling sick she just doesn't seem to want to eat, even her favourite foods.

Esio - I'm pretty sure she could get an appointment tomorrow, they run a triage system at our doctors and hopefully a child not making a significant improvement on antibiotics might warrant a check!

Thanks Molotov - you are right blush

BeaWheesht Sun 02-Feb-14 23:26:55

I'd wait until thr antibiotics were finished unless she seems ill in herself. Being tired is normal IMO to an extent and not eating could well be the pills.

Starballbunny Sun 02-Feb-14 23:32:22

Antibiotics stir up my stomach (and give me thrush), so I'd give it time.

meala Mon 03-Feb-14 00:15:52

My dd, 8, had the same antibiotics last year and had mereally worried as she was only eating tiny amounts of bland food. She got her appetite back one abs were finished.

hope your dd feels better soon

MyArseIsbiggerThanYours Mon 03-Feb-14 06:16:05

Lovesewingbee - my post was meant to say i had forgotten about that! Sorry, sounded really snotty!

Thanks everyone, will see how she gets on today.

LoveSewingBee Mon 03-Feb-14 23:05:28

Don't worry. Hope she has started to improve.

If not, I would go back to GP as you would expect a/b to have started working by now, eg reducing cough/fever etc. appetite may only come back when she has completed course of a/b.

DeWe Tue 04-Feb-14 09:24:22

When dd1 had pneumonia aged 8yo, she was tired and floppy for a good month after she had basically recovered. I was also told that coughing was a good sign and it was typically worse one the antibiotics started working as it meant the blockage was moving.
Dd1 didn't cough at all before the antibiotics worked.

Dd1 was on 3 types of antibiotics at one point, after the first one had resistance.

MyArseIsbiggerThanYours Tue 04-Feb-14 19:03:10

She is much better, thanks! Almost like a switch and she is eating again. What a relief smile'

MolotovCocktail Tue 04-Feb-14 21:51:00

So glad to read that she's better smile

Starballbunny Tue 04-Feb-14 22:28:59

grin glad she's better, I got a couple of chest infections in sixth form. Horrid things. They did make me learn to swallow pills after the Dr. gave me the most evil aniseed flavoured antibiotic syrup.

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