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Jelly/mucus in toddler poo?

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MrCabDriver Tue 21-Jan-14 20:25:27

My DD is 2 next month and still breastfed (on demand, quite a bit).

She pooed in the bath this evening and there was a quite big bit of jelly like substance in it, like the length of a hand.

She has been snotty/runny nose for a week but is not at all ill.
Don't think she's teething - she has all her teeth except the very back 4 but she's upbeat and happy at the moment.
Did a normal healthy poo yesterday.

I however have tonsillitis and have been on antibiotics since Monday - could this be affecting her because she's breastfed still?

I know mucus

MrCabDriver Tue 21-Jan-14 20:26:19

I know mucus can be common in stools when they're poorly, but she seems well in herself and it was quite big!

Any similar experiences or ideas?

panicmechanic Sat 01-Feb-14 22:32:56

Hi, I had the same with my DD after she was eating quite a lot of wheat. Maybe cut down any wheat good luck

BikeRunSki Sat 01-Feb-14 22:35:59

Lactose intolerance?

Idocrazythings Wed 05-Feb-14 08:55:14

DS did this once and I freaked out. I actually took a photo of it and showed it to the chemist. Yes. I know. There is a reason for my nickname. Anyway they said it was ok but if it kept happening to get it checked out. I think it may have been a one off as I haven't really seen it since, but I don't really inspect his poos.

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