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High Frequency hearing loss

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Cloud2 Sat 30-Nov-13 17:12:11

Can someone give me some advice on this? My son (5y) has just been diagnosed for high frequency hearing loss. We are in total shock at the moment. As he has done quite a few hearing test when he was 3-4, but were told his hearing is normal, but his listening skill is not good. So we have been trying to do all sorts of listening games with him, and he has made some progress.
The problem is , according to the audiologist, he has server high frequency hearing loss. But he has really done well in his phonics learning, he is very good with his reading and writing. I can’t understand how he managed this with the server hearing loss.
However, I know he struggle to understand people in noisy environment. So he probably has some problem with hearing.
I have read a post by RandomMess said her DD had this high frequency hearing loss but later treated by Johhanson hearing programme. Should we try this first?

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