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Low temp, how long is too long and how low is too low?

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bobkate Fri 29-Nov-13 23:40:44

So DD2 ( 3.5yrs) has had a snotty nose, cough and general cold type symptoms for last few days. The odd high temp that's come down with calpol.
She's been very tired today, but hung on in there until bed. Had a temp of 38.6 before bath so gave her some nurofen. Then since about 7.30pm I've had to change her pjs twice as they've been wet from sweat, but it's the cold, clammy type. Her temp was 34.9, then when I read on the other side was 36.5 but ever since has been 35.4. And she feels pretty cold to touch on her face and arms. Her hands and feet don't feel too cold and her tummy isn't particularly cold but not warm either.
She seems fairly peaceful at the moment, but I'm a bit wary of googling as last time I hit the google wrt medical symptoms I was convinced the dog had cancer confused
I just don't know much about low temps and if I should worry/not worry too much if she's sleeping ok, or what to do really?
Also I'd have phoned NHS direct in the past, but are they still operating in the same way as call for advice ( albeit they always tell you to go to A&E anyway I've found! ) and if they are operating in the same way, is that the 111 number?

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