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Spots on bottom

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brettgirl2 Fri 29-Nov-13 08:49:37

Any ideas?

4yo dd, not in night nappies btw. Its been there almost a week but has spread outwards. Spots are red, she's had chicken pox. Can they have hfm with it only on buttocks?

Its only a few spots and isn't bothering her in any way, just starting to wonder if it is actually going to go (and if I should waste the gp's time?)

Tuhlulah Fri 29-Nov-13 09:29:06

My DS had odd spots on his bottom at 10 months. I asked GP to take a look at this odd nappy rash (as I thought), and she said it was actually chicken pox. In cases where the spots just appear on bottom (he also got a few, not many, on his legs) she said it might reappear in a few months with more symptoms. It didn't.

He got chicken pox again aged about 4, spots all over him. And it did become really bad as his eczema got infected as a consequence, and he was almost hospitalised.

Given that your DD has had chicken pox, I'd be very inclined to take her to the GP. You are not wasting anyone's time, it is what they are paid to do. Always better safe then sorry.

Good luck and hope your DD feels better soon.

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