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Dollydoo123 Sun 17-Nov-13 10:30:03

Please be very wary of orthodontists who think more about making money than fixing your child's teeth. I have just had to leave the orthodontist I had started with ( in Ealing) because he gave wrong advice and offered a rubbish service that meant my child and I had to travel over 7 miles to other sister practices in any emergency as they were not covered in this local one for days and up to a week. I went for a 2nd opinion to be proved right that her minor problem did not warrant wearing braces for 2 years and her treatment need not be as expensive as that. She is a private case. He may even have damaged her teeth. There is a shortage of orthodontists in the UK so be careful who you choose. Make sure that there are trained orthodontists in the practice EVERY day of the working week as you'll need to be seen when a wire comes out- which it usually does from time to time during treatment. Luckily my older child had gone through braces at another practice and I knew what the process of treatment should look like. Those with no experience or poor experience will be much more likely to accept rubbish service.

ICameOnTheJitney Sun 17-Nov-13 12:48:42

Why did you go private? My DD needs braces...obvious case...if the NHS told me she did not and I thought that she was not a suitable case, then why go private?

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