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11 month old diarrhoea for a week

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PansOnFire Sun 17-Nov-13 02:43:56

After a trip to the dr we were told it was a virus and a stool sample was taken, after this he was sick and the diarrhoea continued for the next day and more severely during the night. I took him back to the dr who referred him to the paediatric unit at the hospital where he was monitored, he was absolutely fine but at risk of dehydration so we were given dioralyte to use at home. They diagnosed viral gastroenteritis and said the symptoms could last up to two weeks so to keep him hydrated.

It's been almost a week of diarrhoea and he just won't drink, I'm less worried about the eating which is isn't doing either but I'm struggling to get fluids into him. He refuses and really protests if I try to force him. I'm currently trying to get dioralyte into him whilst he sleeps and using a syringe. When do I start to worry? He's had another bout of diarrhoea in his sleep, hence the dioralyte at this hour of the morning but I've only managed 30 most out of a 200ml sachet, will this help him at all?

I'm really worried,

Twinklestarstwinklestars Sun 17-Nov-13 02:47:51

Can you speak to the hospital or the out of hours doctor and see what they think? Does he have any signs of dehydration?

Doodledumdums Sun 17-Nov-13 08:42:33

I could have written this post last week about my 10 month old, everything you have written happened to us! We were really worried too and I was hoping the hospital would keep him in as I was scared to take him home, but we were also sent home with dioralyte and a viral gasteroenteritus diagnosis. We kept asking when we should start to worry and no one gave us a proper answer.

Sorry you are in the same situation :-( It took a week for the diarrhoea and vomiting to stop in my DS, and he is only just starting to get his appetite back. We mixed his dioralyte with squash and he seemed to manage it much better. I also managed to get him to have some breast milk (I think he was suckling for comfort, but was inadvertantly getting milk too!)

Really hope your DS is on the mend soon.

PansOnFire Sun 17-Nov-13 09:06:17

Thank you, it's so scary but comforting to know that it's not an unusual situation - he's my first and every ailment seems like the end of the world and a huge failing on my part to protect him. Stupid I know! Twinklestars no he doesn't seem to have any symptoms of dehydration apart from freezing cold hands and feet but he had those symptoms when we were in the hospital. He doesn't seem to be having as many wet nappies lately but then again he didn't drink very much, he's had a good drink this morning so if he still isn't I will call the hospital again. When I rang the hospital for advice on Friday they just said to keep going as I was. I suppose they're waiting for a massive slump and then can admit him, or a full recovery. It's the middle ground which I'm struggling with. He's had 2oz dioralyte and an 8oz bottle this morning so hopefully he'll keep that up. He also had tears when he cried, like he did when I stopped him from chewing on a candle.

Doodledums I'm sorry your LO had this too, I'm glad he's on the mend. It's definitely the not knowing whether I should be worrying or not that's breaking me. As is getting fluids into him. I wasn't sure if I could mix dioralyte with anything but it sounds like it worked for you so I will try that, he's formula fed and has taken his bottle more easily this morning so I'll try him with another in a few hours. His symptoms started on Monday/Tuesday time so I'm hoping it's on is way out, he seemed worse in the night and had an extra nappy that he hasn't been having so I was worried. Syringing liquid into a reluctant baby is very difficult. I'll just keep going, I think it's the sheer length of time which is worrying.

nancerama Sun 17-Nov-13 09:42:03

Best thing you can do is to keep up with the milk - either breastmilk or first stage formula. It's designed for fragile newborn tummies and is a whole food providing hydration and nourishment. It's also familiar and comforting. Rehydration salts are horrid - I don't know why the doctors try and get parents to give them - it's impossible to get anything so foul tasting into a baby.

My DS had this at a similar age. It can take weeks before they are 100% back to normal and it can be scary and upsetting. Don't be afraid to keep going back to the GP if you have ongoing concerns.

Doodledumdums Sun 17-Nov-13 10:38:54

They said in the hospital that it was okay to mix with squash, so we carried on doing that and he definitely drank more that way. I know how you feel, DS is our first too and it is just so frightening and you feel like a failure for not protecting them. Though maybe the feeling is the same whether they are our first or our fifth, I don't know!

Really hope he's better soon. Poor poppet. sad

Pobblewhohasnotoes Sun 17-Nov-13 18:58:50

You can get flavoured dioralyte sachets instead of the plain ones. They replace everything you lose from the body when you have diarrhoea and vomiting.

It's really important that he drinks, far more than food. If he shows sights of dehydration, not many wet nappies, lethargic, dry skin or sunken fontanelle, please get him seen.

MarianForrester Sun 17-Nov-13 19:04:00

When ds was about that age, I was given dioralyte for him. I was also told that these bugs can lead to a temporary lactose intolerance, so to avoid dairy. The doctor said to dilute bottles more too. Sounded like rubbish, but it did help.

PansOnFire Sun 17-Nov-13 19:16:41

Thank you, he seemed worse this morning but then perked up after lunch time. He isn't interested in food at all but has had about 15oz milk, 4oz water and 3oz of dioralyte throughout the day so hopefully that will be enough for now. I'm going to wake him about 11pm and get more fluid into him, I'll resort to the syringe if he doesn't want any. He just seems pale and tired, his fontanelle is usually quite dipped (had this checked numerous times since he was 4 months) so I don't think that gives me an accurate indication but his mouth is wet and he has tears so I think he's ok. It's just so hard, tomorrow it will be a week since he was well.

I'll dilute one of his bottles tomorrow and shop around for some flavoured dioralyte, I'm not surprised he hates it. I'd heard about the lactose issue so I think I need to check about that just incase I'm making anything worse. Thanks again for your help, I feel a bit better about being able to help him now. One stomach bug and I'm a wreck, you can tell this is baby no.1.

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