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Hydracele doubled in size overnight

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letsgetreadytoramble Fri 15-Nov-13 16:29:55

Quick update - went to the doc and he said it's still just a hydracele, and if anything it's smaller than it was before cringes with embarrassment. he said if it's still there when he's two they'd consider doing the op but he reckons it'll have gone by then. Ah well, better to be safe than sorry! Thanks again for all the replies and support, if he does need an op I'll be well prepared!

letsgetreadytoramble Thu 14-Nov-13 19:26:49

Thanks monkey, that's really helpful. I'll go and look out the torch. Will still take him to doctor as it's probably time it was looked at again anyway, you can't be too careful with their family jewels!

monkeywrench Thu 14-Nov-13 09:09:19

my son had one too at around 2, he was operated on, cut was above the penis below stomach to the side with the hydrocele, kind of bikini line place! so easy to keep clean was only 1 cm maybe, he is 5 now, i can only see it coz i know its there, he was fine after. you can tell its a hydrocele as it is only water/liquid in it, not blood or solid matter so when you hold a torch to it it becomes sort of see through. that is how the doctor who diagnosed my son and operated did it. Operation was far worse for parents than my son i think. good luck x

CairoPrankster Thu 14-Nov-13 09:06:57

I'm not trying to downplay this but they do tend to change size according to temp - on hot days and in a nappy they can easily double in size, if you let his scrotum get cold the hydacael should shrink again. That has been my experience, if it isn't easily reducible its more like a hernia.

letsgetreadytoramble Thu 14-Nov-13 08:50:43

Hi, I spoke with a friend of mine who is a doctor and she said that as long as it isn't discoloured and he isn't in pain he'll be ok to go to doc tomorrow. She ruled out a torsion from his symptoms. Nursery will keep a close eye on him today and call me if he's upset or anything else happens. Thanks for all the messages. Will update after doctor.

BeaWheesht Wed 13-Nov-13 21:55:11

I think you should get it checked ASAP because you don't know it's the hydrocele . It could be a torsion which would need immediate treatment.

Grittzio Wed 13-Nov-13 21:52:18

My DS had a little incision made in the lower tummy area, it didn't really get in the way of nappies that I can remember, DS is 9 now though! The worst part was seeing him put under GA, after the op he came around, a little woozy as you would expect, had a good nights sleep and the following day we had to stop him bouncing around. He's never had any more trouble with it. Your little darlings will be fine.

5madthings Wed 13-Nov-13 21:43:52

My ds4 had a hydrocele in both testiclrs, they were huge! But did just go down on their own.

However the sudden increase in size is concerning, my ds1 had a testicle that did this and it needed an emergency op, I k wk you said he isn't in any pain but pease get to checked out asap.

ChipAndSpud Wed 13-Nov-13 21:40:46

Thanks letsgetreadytoramble I just want to get it over and done with now so I can stop worrying!

MrsPear Wed 13-Nov-13 21:39:34

Without wishing to scare anyone please go straight to doctor if your little boy is showing any signs of pain. If, and it is a big if, it has turned into a hernia it needs to be pushed back into place as the worst case a testicle can be lost. Like I said I don't want to frighten anyone but my Ds had one which turned into a hernia, thankfully he was seen in a and e by the correct doctor who got things back with pushing then we had the op a couple of days later. The doctor confirmed that we done the right thing and spelt out the worst case which doesn't bare thinking about. Like I said it is probably nothing and I don't want to frighten but just want to be make you aware. For hernia repair it is a quick op under general and the scar is in the crease between body and leg - very small.

letsgetreadytoramble Wed 13-Nov-13 21:32:03

And best of luck for Monday Chip. thanks

letsgetreadytoramble Wed 13-Nov-13 21:30:48

I'll probably l need to know that too at some point - I'd imagine it's a nightmare to keep clean.

ChipAndSpud Wed 13-Nov-13 21:24:40

Grittzio can I ask what it was like after the op, I was thinking about how to keep the area clean as DS is in nappies still? I was thinking some nappy free time to get fresh air and using cotton wool and water instead of wipes?

Sorry for hijacking the thread!

letsgetreadytoramble Wed 13-Nov-13 21:23:12

I'm off on Friday so I'll go to the doctor then but in the meantime will keep an eye on him for any changes to make sure he's not in pain etc. I guess it's better for them to have the op when they're little, less traumatic than being a teenager with a lumpy testicle, and if it's a 6 month waiting list (!) we'd be best to get on it now.

Grittzio Wed 13-Nov-13 21:17:57

The little op is really nothing to worry about although like you I hated the thought of him having an operation, just to warn you if you are relying on the Nhs we had a six month wait after seeing a consultant privately first. After the op, we had trouble keeping DS quiet, you wouldn't have known he'd had anything done!

ChipAndSpud Wed 13-Nov-13 21:14:57

I'd take him to the doctors just to get him checked out in case.

DS is two in December and he's having an op on Monday <wobbles>

The consultant said if it's going to fix itself it will do so by around 18 months. The op itself takes about 20 minutes so quite simple!

FirstMumOnTheMoon Wed 13-Nov-13 21:14:28

What I meant to add, was that since it has got bigger I would suggest seeing the GP soonish so they can get things moving to see a specialist but try not to worry too much.

letsgetreadytoramble Wed 13-Nov-13 21:12:01

Thanks First, it's good to know that it's easily corrected, I was just a bit alarmed by the sudden doubling of size, but I guess if he needs an op he'll have to wait a few weeks at least anyway.

letsgetreadytoramble Wed 13-Nov-13 21:10:17

Thanks both, I'll take him to the doctor, hopefully the hyrdracele had just got a bit bigger and it isn't a hernia. It isn't bothering him anyway. I hate the thought of him having an operation, I almost want to learn how to perform it myself so that I can be there with him. I doubt he'd thank me for that though...

FirstMumOnTheMoon Wed 13-Nov-13 21:09:00

My DS had a hydrocele on one side and an inguinal hernia on the other. Needed a little operation for each, one aged 2 years and the other at 3 years.
Has been fine ever since - he is now 12

Grittzio Wed 13-Nov-13 21:05:26

My son had hydracele, was never told it was going to disappear, he had a little operation to rectify it when he had just turned 2.

Sirzy Wed 13-Nov-13 21:02:24

I would get it checked over, better safe than sorry.

DS developed a big one when he was 8 weeks old and already in hospital for something unrelated and then monitored it closely to make sure it wasn't causing any problems.

letsgetreadytoramble Wed 13-Nov-13 20:34:56

I wonder if anyone can help. My 15 month DS has had a hydracele in his left testicle since he was born. The doctor said to keep an eye on it and that it should disappear. It hasn't disappeared though and his nursery called me today to say that it had suddenly doubled in size and they're right, it has. They think it's a hernia - he has had a very bad cough recently but I don't know enough about these things to judge what it is. Should I take him to the doctor ASAP or can it wait for a few days until I'm off work? I'm not sure it's serious enough to call nhs direct. Thanks.

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