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Worried after dd's physio appointment

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Dancergirl Sun 29-Sep-13 20:23:47

Dd is 10 and has had problems with her ankles rolling in (pronation) for quite a few years. She had been seeing a private osteopath who prescribed orthotics for her shoes. They've helped a bit but she was still getting pain so I asked the GP to refer her to a physiotherapist as I was paying £41 each time for the osteo!

We went for the appointment on Friday. He said the orthotics were ok but she's going to have custom made ones which will be ready in 8 weeks. She needs to come back to the physio every 12 weeks or so.

But the bit that's worrying me is the extent of the exercises he has prescribed. Six different types of exercise, to be done 3 times a day, 10 reps of each (so 30 of each every day). For five years.

He also scared me a bit by saying that if it isn't corrected within the next 5 years, she might have to wear orthotics for life shock

I'm already wondering how realistic that number is going to be. Do you think it is really necessary to do that many?

I'm also feeling guilty that a) I didn't take her for physio earlier, and b) the pronation was caused in the first place by me letting her wear non-supportive shoes eg pumps. I always get her properly fitted school shoes but like most girls she tends to wear more flimsy shoes at the weekend.

Dancergirl Sun 29-Sep-13 20:24:44

Oh, and he also said ballet pumps and other flimsy footwear are a big no-no. God knows what she'll wear in the summer.

cestlavielife Sun 29-Sep-13 23:37:27

Is it the in shoe orthotics that fit under the foot ?

If so then in the grand scheme of things it s not such a big deal, and if it's for life well she won't be the only person. Annoying yes but something she would have to learn to live with.... For the sake of no pain later .

Be sure to wear them for short time at first check with physio as they do change the way one walks (for the better) but if you not careful to practice first wear for short periods of time and build up they can cause injury.

Dancergirl Mon 30-Sep-13 09:07:05

They they are cestla

Yes I know there are lots of worse thing that could happen, it's just the excercises are going to be a pain to remember 3 times a day.

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