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DS (5) having frequent "accidents"; and bedwetting at least every other night - should we go to GP?

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minimuffin Sun 29-Sep-13 14:35:45

DS2 toilet trained just before he was 3, no problems, and went dry at night about 3 months later. He had the occasional incident but nothing we weren't expecting. He was pretty reliable in the daytime too although he always let himself get too desperate before breaking off and going to the loo.

He's now 5.3. I've got to the stage where I'm changing his bed at least 3 times a week, maybe more, because he's wet himself. Sometimes when we check on him before going to bed, around 11, he'll be wet. Sometimes he seems to wet himself on waking. He went back in pull-ups for a while in the spring and then was dry for at least 2 weeks so came out of them again. Bedwetting has come and gone in fits and starts since then, currently he's doing it a lot. I'm careful not to let him drink too much near bedtime, but also conscious that he probably doesn't drink much at school - his water bottle is rarely empty.

Re the daytime, this has been going on at least 6 months and I just put it down to laziness on his part. He doesn't want to break off what he's doing so just lets it get too far and wets himself. We tell him off but don't make a big deal about it. He has also never, not once, had an accident at school since starting Reception last September which made me think it was down to laziness at home - but now I wonder if it's the strict toilet regime at school that keeps his bladder in check?

I'm now (just looking at my laundry pile this week) wondering if he has a problem and if we should go and see someone. Anyone had anything similar?

ThermoLobster Sun 29-Sep-13 15:18:41

I would put him back in pull ups at night. It sounds like the relevant hormones have not kicked in. I don't think a GP will worry about night time wetting until age 7 for boys. Re the daytime, my DD who is 4 occasionally does the same when she is engrossed in something. I think there is only a worry if they don't realise that they are wetting themselves, but if he is wetting on his way to the loo, then I think that is not a concern.

minimuffin Sun 29-Sep-13 17:07:08

Ok thanks. Yes I think it's time to go back to pull-ups, if only to stop my washing machine wearing out!

SauvignonBlanche Sun 29-Sep-13 17:10:14

I believe that Enuresis clinics don't take referrals before age 7.

ThermoLobster Sun 29-Sep-13 20:02:10

DD1 wet herself today. I just said I am a bit disappointed, you are 4 and you know not to leave it too late. I then told her to go and get a change of clothes and sort herself out. I am hoping that is the right thing to do. I sympathise as it is depressing when you think they are sorted, but it turns out they are not!

cocoplops Sun 29-Sep-13 20:25:29

My youngest DS - same age - is the exact same. Not sure I can give any 'advice' as we haven't exactly sorted it. But same thing, potty trained, was dry and now has accidents. Dribbly accidents during the day due to trying to withhold because of being engrossed in something else or not being bothered to go or just because. Wet bed evefy second night (was wetting maybe every 10 days or so). Partly seemed to coincide for us with constipation - is your DS's bowel habits OK? The extra pressure on the bladder can make wetting more likely (so every day).

For my DS he says he finds his willy stings too, because he probably holds on and doesn't wipe pee away (and sits in pee overnight) and that is a viscous cycle, so he doesn't want to pee because of that. As you can see, we are no experts!

Anyway, what stopped the peeing in the bed was lifting him at 11pm when we go to bed. He was really upset at the thought of pull ups. And reminding him during the day. All I know is that when it got to battle stations when I took stuff away or whatever, it made it worse, but a softer approach seems to be working better (although, not 100%).

I think with DS partly its can't be arsed, but night time its he's not able to do much about it. I know my older son was quite dribbly until he was 7 (but only necessitating change of PJs daily rather than sheets.

louismummy Sun 29-Sep-13 22:16:46

Sometimes when they are poorly or emotionally stressed mine can start bed wetting. Sometimes mine have had thread worms when they start wetting the bed again.

minimuffin Sun 29-Sep-13 23:11:37

Thanks all. He put pull-ups on tonight without much protest tbh. It can't be nice for him waking up soaking every night. His bowel habits are fine and he never has accidents in that department. I have wondered if it is an emotional thing, ie it got worse after school started again... I'll see if the pull ups seem to stop him at night again (which suggests he does have control). He isn't remotely upset or embarrassed about having accidents at home, other than he often stashes away his pants/PJ bottoms proabably because he thinks then we won't find out. He still does it if we have visitors. It barely breaks his stride. We haven't been too hard on him because we're not sure how much of this is within his control and don't want to make him feel too bad about it, give him issues around it etc. The joys...

DeWe Mon 30-Sep-13 09:49:54

I would go to the GP.

Ds was dry at night for 2 years, then we had a week where he wet nearly every night. (on holiday!) At first I put it down to being very tired, but when we got back I went to the GP to check. GP took one look and said he had a foreskin infection which (I think) needed canastan cream. Two days of cream and he's not wet the bed since.

GP said that starting to wet after a good period of being dry should always be checked out.

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