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teeth - 9 month old

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Clarella Sun 29-Sep-13 08:25:33

hi this is a really stupidly simple question but I really don't know who/ where to ask!!

my 9 month old ds is literally getting all his top and bottom teeth together.

it's caused no end of issues with food (stopped eating except bready hard stuff) and bf comfort suckling all night (cosleep to save sanity) and sometimes for naps which he's never done. sucks wet muslins and raids the wet laundry to suck too! that's fine but
1. is it more painful when they're shifting below the surface or when they are actually cutting the skin?
2.when would pai n relief make a difference? before or when cutting?
3.could it be causing slight constipation (which seems to be our other issue at night and comfort suckling) - I'm guessing the lack of fruit is doing this but I did think bf was good for this too?

he's ac actually a naturally happy boy though we've had days where they've obviously bothered him a lot and I gave calpol. but I don't want to give calpol all the time!! I'm a bit hmm of the powders as it's homeopathic though I do give (I think it's the sugar they like!!) and I'm struggling to get gels into his mouth as he won't let anything near them!

my anxiety is heightened by my dh who stresses about lack of eating, watches los weight on the scales like a hawk (he's never moved from his line but it's between the 9th and 25th which dh has a weird issue with) blames it on my bf and generally can be a stressy nightmare when lo just needs our patience and support! also threatens cc/cio despite lo sleeping well with me on occasions when there's not a tooth/ tummy issue.


Clarella Sun 29-Sep-13 08:37:33

this is a completely different issue but my only other thought is gluten (which dh would be similarly stubborn about. he loves food and can't understand why lo won't eat)

we do have a pead appt which I was going to cancel out of embarrassment as I do wonder if lo is just normal but sleep is an utter nightmare. due to tummy issues.

pudseypie Mon 30-Sep-13 08:47:22

If he needs calpol I would give it. Have you tried a gel teether cooled in the fridge? Anbusol liquid is the best for teething, bit tough to get it on but I put it on my little finger and rub it on my ds gums and it numbs it all. Not uncommon for them to go off food, just keep offering it. How about a cool yoghurt? My ds was also on 9th to 25th centile for long time but now at nearly 2 he's shot up to 95th.

NothingsLeft Mon 30-Sep-13 10:44:44

They can be painful at both points. The gums can get inflamed and sore while they are coming to the surface. Breaking the skin is also going to hurt. I would calpol if he's in pain.

BFing is really soothing during teething. Cold cucumber sticks were also a hit. Totally normal to go off food if your mouth hurts. Keep offering but don't worry if he's not keen.

DS was a terrible sleeper but had 16 teeth by a year. He also has a cows milk & soy allergy which have give him tummy trouble esp at night. I would keep the pead appointment if you have concerns.

There is a lot going on for them at nine months, teething, solids, crawling, standing, separation anxiety. I found it the hardest time.

I wouldn't do CC/CIO on a baby in pain, you will get nowhere with it and end up stressed. Sounds like you're doing brilliantly as you are smile

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