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Wonky chipped tooth?!

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maggiesmammy Sat 28-Sep-13 18:39:21

13 month old dd just fell into the edge of a glass table and has chipped her top front tooth! It also looks like they've been pushed around and are now wonky in her mouth!
Does anyone know what can be done? Will she need to get a kind of filling? Will they move back?
She's only just 13 months so I can't see her sitting in a dentist chair for a procedure.
I'm so worried!

My son fell off some equipment at a playground when he was 3 and wound up chipping a front tooth. I took him to the dentist, and she checked to see how wobbly it was. She didn't want to do anything for the chip, as it wasn't sharp enough to cut himself. Beyond that, she told us to keep on eye on it -- if it starts turning grey, that would indicate that the nerve has died off and the tooth would have to be extracted. He wound up being fine, and the tooth settled again and stayed in there for another three years!

I would say, take her to see a dentist just to be sure, but it's probably fine.

BTW, gaps between baby teeth are fine -- they keep space that's needed when the adult teeth come in. Milk teeth are also no indication of how straight the adult teeth will be, so try to stay calm! (Ha ha, I know that's much easier said than done!) Good luck!

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