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When to see doctor re toddler's cough?

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AveryJessup Fri 27-Sep-13 07:41:14

My nearly 2 year old DS has had a cough for the past two weeks. He picked it up when we traveled to visit home, probably the damper climate, unfamiliar germs, flying etc.

He seemed to be over it a couple of days ago and just had a post-viral dry cough but yesterday and today he has been coughing with phlegm again and has a runny nose with green snots. Is this a new cold or the old one lingering? If it's a lingering cough, when does it get serious enough to go to the doctor? He's tired and a bit grouchy but not lethargic, not sleeping longer than usual and has had no fever.

cathpip Fri 27-Sep-13 07:52:16

My dr told me yesterday that they don't like to give antibiotics for coughs unless they have been on going for 3 weeks, my ds has the same problem but he does have mild asthma. If you are worried and think he needs something, go and just elaborate a little on the length of the cough and how your ds is getting distressed by it.

AveryJessup Fri 27-Sep-13 15:20:57

Thanks, catnip. I was thinking of leaving it over the weekend since I won't be able to get an appointment anyway and then calling the doc on Monday if he's no better. That would be nearly 3 weeks he had it.

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