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What might happen to his penis

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bellybuttonfairy Tue 24-Sep-13 23:31:40

I dont know the answer as babies can have strange lumps and bumps for no apparent reason. I recently did a check on a new baby that had very similar bumps of the tip of his penis which the consultant paed had a look at and she deduced that they would probably disapear on their own or if they didnt - it would be easy to remove. I cant say it would be the same for your baby but often these things are easy to sort out.

xalyssx Mon 23-Sep-13 17:49:46

DS 20 months has 2 lumps near the tip of his penis. We have been to the GP about it and have now been referred to a specialist. The lumps don't change size when his penis does. The first lump has got a thin red line through it. Both lumps are on the sides and flush to the base of the head. It doesn't hurt him to pee. What is the worst that this could be? Has anyone else's DS had this

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