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Croup (again) in a 4 year old

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WhereYouLeftIt Tue 24-Sep-13 01:16:41

My DS first got croup when he was about 2, then got it every winter until he was about 6. Maybe only once or twice a year though, so not nearly so often as your DC. I'd been told he would grow out of it, and he did.

PigStack Mon 23-Sep-13 12:07:07

My 4.5 year old has croup, well a croupy bark, again. He doesn't have stridor I don't think, but this is his 5th or 6th time this year having it. The very first time he got croup (at age 1 or so) he got steroids and they worked immediately since then it hasn't been so bad but enough to keep him (and us) up at night and as he has a temperature, off school for a day or two. This is his second time with croup this month. I wouldn't usually worry but I stupidly googled recurring croup and it wasn't reassuring. Anyone with experience of croup like this? He wheezes in and out on breathing and his voice is hoarse plus has a barking cough: it is croup isn't it???

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