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blood results low iga igg ttg celiac?

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isitme1 Mon 23-Sep-13 09:26:15

Ds is 3 and his bloods that are
The full results Ferritin low less than 4
B12 316 whixh is normal
Serum folate 18
Hb 11.5 
White cell 10.5
Platelets 379
Thyroid normalLfts normal*TTG lesd than 0.1 although IgA is low at 0.6, lgG was less than0.1 . Vitamin D was 68.8 which is normal.

He has gastrostomy (feeding tube) due to gastric reflux and food aversion. Also cows milk and soya protein allergy.
By what im gathering the bloods are indicating celiac disease?

Hes under a gastric who has his head up his own arse his original gastric dr passed him over to this one once he put the tube in.

Any help from anyone? Thanks in advance

isitme1 Mon 23-Sep-13 12:59:36


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