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3yr old with lots of warts - please help

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actiongirl1978 Fri 20-Sep-13 13:11:46

My son started school 2 weeks ago and I was stopped by his teacher at pick up today, who expressed concern that they are contagious and could I think about covering them up etc.

Since the end of July we have been putting sacylic acid on as often as we can at night when he is asleep. He has about 20 warts though and this is pretty hard as he is also a light sleeper and so is also dependent on getting to his hands. They have changed in appearance and the skin around them has become broken and today one apparently ripped and bled at school hence his teachers concern.

My problem is that this stuff doesn't seem to be working and the warts are spreading but he is definitely not the kind of child who will put up with plasters or more likely gloves to cover them.

Given that I also have to hold him down to clean his teeth etc and he won't even let me LOOK at his warts properly, I don't know how we would manage to have them frozen off. They are literally on most fingers front and back and over both palms.

I will be ringing the doctor once they open at 2pm but I want to know has anyone else been through this and if so what solutions did you come up with?

Please be nice, I am feeling a little bit emotional about this!

Thank you in advance!

actiongirl1978 Fri 20-Sep-13 13:12:36

Oh and to add complication to things, he also has excema on and off and so this also affects how often we can put the acid on!

SavoyCabbage Fri 20-Sep-13 13:17:28

We had one frozen at the doctors on dd (9) and it was horrible.

My other dd has one which we are painting twice a day with black nail varnish. We have done this before on her and it worked.

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 20-Sep-13 13:22:22

My dd (age 4) has them all over her bottom and upper thighs. The itch like crazy and get surrounded by eczema. The are not in a place they can have plasters put on them and though we tried tights once that makes the eczema worse and makes her itchy all day meaning she scratches until they bleed.

GP refused to do anything about them despite me telling them that she is going to be sitting on chairs, floors and toilet seats with contagious and often bleeding warts. GP says 'if the other kids catch them then they catch them. They are harmless'.

I don't know what else I can do.

gamerchick Fri 20-Sep-13 13:26:33

For warts I would gently rub with a nail file briefly and rub the juice of a dandelion stem on it.. usually takes a couple of weeks.

No idea why it works or may have been coincidence with all of them with the reaching the end of their natural life.

But the fact he has so many I really would take him to the gps.

actiongirl1978 Fri 20-Sep-13 13:33:44

Oh thank you all for replying so soon! It sounds like I am not alone!

Starlight - I am hoping for more than that from the GP as we live in Ireland and have to pay to see the doctor and all medicine (unless you are really on the breadline) is private and fee based. So I guess I am hoping for a referral.

Gamerchick - where did you find that advice - or was it just luck?! I have been doing the vics vaporub on my toenails and that has got rid of bacterial infections so I am not averse to trying something a bit more natural.

actiongirl1978 Fri 20-Sep-13 13:35:08

Savoy - I had a handful frozen off when I was a teenager and can remember the pain now. I wonder if they could sedate him to do them. But possibly he is too young.

gamerchick Fri 20-Sep-13 13:42:34

I don't know.. It was after treating nettle stings with doc leaves and I remembered reading something in passing somewhere and tried out the juice on my wart which cleared then on my daughters and that cleared.. then one on my ex when he got one. Every day for a couple of weeks.

gamerchick Fri 20-Sep-13 13:43:36

Cheers for the vics tip. May come in handy grin

actiongirl1978 Fri 20-Sep-13 13:51:58

Thanks Gamer I might head into the garden for a dandelion later! And the vics tip is amazing. I saw it on the style and beauty board and honestly it has totally healed the infection in my nail (TMI sorry)

gamerchick Fri 20-Sep-13 14:30:33

I'm going to try it on the husband later. A year on anti biotics didn't shift his toenail problem.

eggsandwich Fri 20-Sep-13 14:32:46

we used pure tea tree oil, just put some on each wart morning and evening before bed and they should go black and fall off, tea tree is also good for verruca's as well, but it must be 100% tea tree to work effectively.

gamerchick Fri 20-Sep-13 14:33:56

Come back and update to see whether it works for you. I was always wondering if I was going nuts or not when it kept working.

Fingers crossed.

LazyGaga Fri 20-Sep-13 14:37:54

Your poor little ds. Two of my dc had warts on their hands (only about 4 or 5) though and I tried Bazooka on them. Unfortunately my youngest found it quite stung quite a bit so had to be washed off.

Have also heard a sliver of garlic taped to the skin can help (duct tape supposed to do the trick as well) but obv you said he won't keep plasters on.

Tbh it may have been coincidence but my children's warts seemed to clear up when I started them on daily multivitamins.

actiongirl1978 Fri 20-Sep-13 17:21:09

Thanks everyone. My biggest problem is he really hates me looking at or touching his hands, he hates 'being got at' and sits on his hands and gets hysterical so everything I do needs to be when he is asleep.

Eggsandwich - do you think that the teatree oil would sting his excema/where the skin is broken around the wart?

I spoke to the docs this pm and he has referred me to a consultant dermatologist (lots of euros I expect!).

So in the meantime I will try dandelion and teatree!!

Oh and I managed to look at his hands earlier and got as far as counting to 30, some are tiny, some are huge.

jennifersofia Sat 21-Sep-13 23:29:57

Are they warts for sure, or are they molluscum? Molluscum is like a wart, and they spread very easily. and are common in children. Molluscum often have a dimple in the middle, and can sometimes be itchy. They tend to last a year or so and then go away. If it is molluscum, we have had some luck putting some comfrey cream on them religiously 2x day, although that is an extremely unscientific trial!

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