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Anyone's dc had a myringoplasty ? (perforated eardrum repair)

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Eve Sat 21-Sep-13 23:26:57

He's 11 now, had op 18 months ago.

Was very straightforward op, we did go private so nice hospital & consultant, had no issues afterwards with dressings etc, scar is barely noticeable now. DS liked the not being able to wash his hair for weeks... It did smell ambit.

Wasn't able to fly for 6 months afterwards which did restrict us a little as both sets of grandparents are a flight away.

Given the pain & trouble of frequent ear infections... I would go for the op every time.

MistyB Fri 20-Sep-13 16:36:40

We are considering this but waiting for longer stretches between ear infections to reduce the risk of post op complications. Lurking to hear soi time stories.

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Fri 20-Sep-13 09:29:57

My son now 30 had this done at age 12, a complete success and has had no problems since.

liveforhols Thu 19-Sep-13 17:20:55

That's good news. How old is your child?

Eve Thu 19-Sep-13 16:48:04

Yes and yes.

Not had an ear infection since the op

liveforhols Thu 19-Sep-13 16:47:09

my 9 year old is having his perforated ear drum repaired surgically next week. Has anyone s child had this done? Was it successful?

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