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Ear buddies - A positive post

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mcec Wed 11-Sep-13 13:59:06

Hi there,

I don't post very often but I would love to share our very positive experience about using Ear Buddies.
Our, then 6 month old, son had one ear that really stuck out compared to his other ear. After consulting our peaditriction about anything he may be able to do, he couldn't recommend anything, we found out about Ear Buddies after researching on google.
We brought the pack for £50 and started the long 4 month process of keeping it on. We asked our consultant how to put it on correctly and took it from there. He wasn't sure how well it would work but would be happy to be proven wrong at the end of the 4 months.
Our son was a absolute star about having it on and changed. We changed it every week as he wore it during the summer and it got all hot and sweaty and would rub at it to itch it. Also his ears needed a good clean and tended to be a bit smelly!!!!! We brought extra tape from Boots as they don't send you much to keep going with.
We just distracted him with a iPad (bad I know but it worked!) and quickly changed it. The splint stayed in the shape it was in and 4 small strips to keep that in place and 3 longer strips for the ear. He got a bit annoyed with it all but after I finished putting it on he forgot all about it.
It was a long 4 months, which seemed longer, but the end results were better than we could of asked for.

We would highly recommend Ear Buddies to anyone and the sooner you notice the ears sticking out and start using the product the better as you wouldn't need to use it for too long.
If you would like any information about our time using it please feel free to ask.

Many thanks for reading my very long post.
A very happy mummy. :-)

mcec Sun 09-Feb-14 07:18:59


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