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Pretty please could I have some advice on my ds underweightnd asthmatic

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mummyto2boysandagirl3 Thu 22-Aug-13 21:22:32

hi this is my first post here so sorry if iv put it in the wrong place.

I'd b really grateful if anyone is able to give me some advice on my lovely ds2 who's almost 3 even if it's just to tell me to stop worrying smile I know there r lots of children that r very poorly and my worries r v small compared to others but I'm really worried atm and wondered if anyone has experienced similar and could offer some pearls of wisdom.

Ds2 started to show symptoms of asthma at around 10 months (this was coming in to the winter) the night time cough started and the wheezy rattler chest started. He was bf up to this point but just refused to take the breast and so I had to put him on a cup asthma nurse has since suggested this could have been he was struggling to feed with his chest and was easier to drink from a cup. He also started to go blue round his mouth when he was crawling and later when walking and running also when he caught a cold. He had been sleeping through the night 7-7 but this stopped and he was up most of the night with a violent cough that sometimes made him sick. His weight then began to drop down the graph at 9 months old he weighed 19lbs and now almost 3 years old only weighs 23lbs he's only 6lbs heavier than dd who's 6 months sad. The blue lips continued so gp sent him to paeds at about 14 months as there's family history of heart trouble on my side and ds1 was also born with a mumur. Paed did ECG and bp checked height and weight and said all was fine I had bf him too long and that's y his weight had dropped no way was it asthma (I'm asthmatic and was starting to think it was so asked) and only to worry if he passed out she suggested I let him continue running and c how he went.

Over that summer the night time cough eased he went back to sleeping through but started sneezing rubbing his eyes and nose, I also have hayfever but as he wasn't complaining and was only about 18 months I just gave local honey to c if that would help. He did however continue to go blue round the mouth.

Last October When the temperature had dropped the night time cough was back he was struggling to shake the cold off again and was coughing during the day still going blue when playing so I took him to my gp (she had been on mat leave when this all started) she wasn't best pleased with the response from paeds (neither was I so was nice to know I wasn't over reacting) and said she thought on symptoms and listening to his chest it absolutely was asthma gave him salbutamol and referred to asthma nurse. The salbutamol wasn't enough so 2weeks later he was put on clenil 50 2 puffs twice a day and for the most part that seemed to have it under control unless he got a cold then his inhalers pretty much did nothing asthma nurse told me not to worry about wasting Drs time with a cold as his asthma will need different treatment so first sign of a sniffle he's to come straight in. The hayfever symptoms also returned this year so he's had benedryl for that but oddly has still managed to come out in a rash which gp said was a reaction to something but no idea what (he was in for balanitis so got her to check as was already in there). I have noticed this week tho he's started going blue again when he's running round but when I stop him to give his blue inhaler he's very out of breath and u can c his little chest working hard he's not due a review til nov dh thinks I'm over reacting but I think I should take him back for nurse to check him? Also he's starting preschool in a couple of weeks I know the staff well as ds1 has just left there but ds2 is a little soldier he never moans and won't stop playing when he starts to struggle he is just desperate to keep up with ds1, I'm worried they aren't going to notice and hel end up really poorly sad does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this?

Also his growth is almost non existent he's 23lbs and still in 12-18 month clothes and his feet haven't grown in about 9/10 months. We have done a food diary for gp he eats v well intact the amount he's shovelling in he should b over weight but as he's v active she just wanted to monitor his weight through hv and send to paeds if he drops down graph. He dropped down the graph when weighed this week but hv wants to leave it a month before re weighing and involving the gp. My concern is that will then b end of sept and with his weight and asthma I'm v worried about the winter am I over reacting?

To help night time cough we have a v shaped pillow in his bed to keep him upright an air purifier and put a damp cloth on the radiator. Both the boys have a vitamin is there anything else we can do as the poor love ends up with no sleep as do the rest of us and ds1 is starting school so need to think of something that will minimalise dusturbance to him.

Also anyone got any experience of giving an almost 3 year old the flu jab?

So sorry it's so long but no one i know seems to have
any advice and my family r v ahhhh he's alright shut up
and stop worrying if uv made it this far thank u for
reading x

mummyto2boysandagirl3 Thu 22-Aug-13 21:27:49

disclaimer I didn't let ds2 continue to run when he went blue I sat him down couldn't bare the thought of seeing him pass out I was also feeling v guilty about the bf stopping and paeds didn't help I do still worry even now that me not keep trying to continue to bf and giving in to pressure from others who were saying he stopped cos he wanted to has hindered his weight gain sad


I don't have a lot of experience of severe asthma at that age but have gone through elements of symptoms etc with my DC when they were small and I am asthmatic too

Sounds to me as though you're doing all you can and his asthma is not controlled at present.... I know how you feel about seasons changing and probably have more serious symptoms once cold and flu bugs start doing the rounds

As your GP sounds the most helpful of all the health workers, I'd book an appointment with her to discuss your DS current health and the strategy for keeping him as well as possible through the winter....

Another thought -Have they tried him with short courses of steroids or nebuliser treatments? If not, I would ask about it and also push for what other treatment options there are

The lack of weight gain / growth could be due to him working so hard to breathe and needing more energy or it could be unrelated - either way I would speak with GP directly about that too....

Sirzy Thu 22-Aug-13 21:37:39

DS is nearly 4 and has been asthmatic since 11 months (that was when he was diagnosed officially, was showing symptoms much younger than that though)

if you are worried then go and see the asthma nurse again even if just for some reassurance. It sounds like his asthma is generally well controlled now which is a good thing, and the weight is being monitored so if they are concerned then they will refer on. DS is a shorty and very slim but that is probably just his nature.

DS is starting pre school in September to, he has very difficult to control asthma so I have met with the pre-school staff already so they are fully aware of his needs and how the asthma displays itself with him. DS also knows to ask when he needs his inhaler (he has had a lot of practise). Give the pre-school an idea of what triggers him and they should keep an eye on it - DS has just left nursery and I found if anything they were overcautious (not that thats a bad thing!). I also made sure they know how to use the inahler and spacer properly, I know they know but I want to make sure!

He has had his flu jab every year and never had any issues.

mummyto2boysandagirl3 Thu 22-Aug-13 21:41:10

Thank u smile I think I'll phone the Drs in the morning ds2 is either going to turn me grey or give me a heart attack lol obv I worry about all 3 of them but he just seems to get everything going and it doesn't help that I'm a bit porky iv had a couple of comments implying iv been eating all the food and that's y he's so small sad

BeerTricksPotter Thu 22-Aug-13 21:45:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MistyB Thu 22-Aug-13 21:50:32

Go back to your GP, she sounds nice!! If he is slow to gain weight and is having breathing difficulties, there is a possibility that he might have allergies. It might be worth talking to the GP about getting a referral to an immunologist. How are his stools? Are they frequently loose? It might be that he is not absorbing his food due to food allergies or perhaps gut bacteria.

I didn't really understand the points about breastfeeding, whether they were saying that breastfeeding contributed to slow weight gain or stopping did but please, please, don't take this to heart. If I had a pound for every health professional who has made me feel that I am responsible for my children's ill health I would be very rich! Yes, we are responsible for their health but we do the best we can with the information we had and the health professionals and all the research in the world cannot predict the outcome for your child.

probablyhadenough Thu 22-Aug-13 21:56:42

Trust your instincts OP - I really think your ds should be seen by a respiratory specialist (guessing it was a cardiologist he saw last time?). He definitely shouldn't be going blue when exercising and it doesn't sound as if he is thriving in terms of weight. It may be that he needs his asthma meds adjusted. I would make a fuss until you are taken seriously (medic and mother of asthmatic child FWIW!)

Rachelbloy Thu 22-Aug-13 22:01:15

Hi there my dd is 20 months and has been on ventolin and clenil since 6 months, she was very wheezy all the time and getting worse from April this year until in July she had an asthma attack, the consultant has since put her in montelukast which has made all the difference, up until the attack she sounded like she was drowning her chest rattled so much.

Dd also had the typical hay fever signs (I knew it wasn't) but we gave the piriton a try. Dd is also very active and will never admit defeat.

Just remember a mothers instinct is never wrong! X

MagratGarlik Thu 22-Aug-13 22:04:39

I don't have experience of asthma, but I do have a teeny tiny ds2 with multiple allergies. Ds2 is now 5 years old and weighs just 14 kg (around 30 lb). I used to spend a lot of time worrying about it. He is still under a paediatrician, but ultimately, some people just are tiny. Try not to compare his size with that if other children and concentrate on getting his asthma sorted, rather than worrying about his weight.

mummyto2boysandagirl3 Thu 22-Aug-13 22:06:53

Beertricks he's not got a night time cough atm Im just racing myself for the winter he also wears a scarf when outside in cold weather. My asthma was v well controlled and didn't take steroids for a good 10yrs but then I got pg with dd and it's back with vengeance I had pneumonia last year and iv been taken to oohs with my asthma twice since dd was born so think cos I know how horrible it is it's just making me worry as cold weather is def a trigger for the two of us.

Sirzy I think I'll phone the preschool I know they know how to give inhalers as a lb has just left who had v severe asthma I just need to make it clear they need to monitor him and when cold make sure he's got his scarf on when playing out etc

Misty it's funny u should say that he had a nasty bought of norovirus last yr (as did dh and ds1 luckily I escped it as was pg with dd) and since then had terrible tummy pains loose stools etc etc gp & hv (old one have a new one now) suspected lactose intollerance caused by the virus but didn't want me to cut the dairy as they were worried about his weight. We potty trained last month and iv had to remove milk from his diet as the poor luv was getting no warning and pooing everywhere now he's not drinking milk his poos have firmed up and he makes it to the potty everytime. The bf thing paeds said I'd bf too long which annoyed me but I felt guilty as it all started when he stopped bf

probablyhadenough Thu 22-Aug-13 22:08:11

Yes, MagratGarlik, some people are just small - but a child dropping centiles can be a sign that something is wrong and it does sound as if his asthma is not well controlled.

Sirzy Thu 22-Aug-13 22:10:50

I would push for more investigations to the lactose intolerance because that could explain why he isn't putting on a weight. Allergies can also cause asthma symptoms so if you can find out if there is anything that may help get that under control.

MagratGarlik Thu 22-Aug-13 22:11:54

Probablyhadenough, I agree, that is why I said concentrate on getting the asthma sorted. Being small in itself is not an issue in itself, but can become so if that becomes the focus rather than looking at the root cause i.e. the asthma.

mummyto2boysandagirl3 Thu 22-Aug-13 22:22:29

Probablyhadenough & Rachelboy. Thank u there's just something not quite right I'm asthmatic and have been since I was small but iv never gone blue apart from when I had pneumonia my lips were a tiny bit and my nails were blue just doesn't seem right but so hard as he's so small and doesn't really understand wots happening.

Margaret. My ds1 is also a bit underweight granted not to the extent ds2 is but still under as was I (before I had children) ds1 is growing along the same line since he was 1 is very tall and isn't asthmatic and not showing signs of allergies and is mostly healthy and doesn't pick up every cold going, so it's not actually just the weight that's bothering me it's the fact he's so small isn't getting taller feet rnt growing either he's asthmatic and the winter is around the corner he's going to preschool and ds1 is starting reception we all know that means coughs colds flu
etc and I am concerned as he reacts so badly to a cold
and everytime he's ill he loses more weight his weight is a
factor in it I don't know if it's linked to his asthma or a
separate issue sorry if that sounded rude wasn't meant that way was just trying to explain y I'm worried about his weight iyswim

mummyto2boysandagirl3 Thu 22-Aug-13 22:25:09

Sorry auto correct magratgarlik not Margaret lol

mummyto2boysandagirl3 Thu 22-Aug-13 22:32:59

Also he just saw general paeds last time not been referred to specialist hv said they can send him to a dietician if no improvement by Xmas but I think 1thats far too long to wait and 2 wots the point in the dietician surely we should c a consultant and sort his asthma meds/confirm allergies otherwise wot will the dietician do? My gp isn't available h til next month so think I'll phone back and c if I cam get asthma nurse or nurse practitioner as she is in charge of asthma clinic we have automated booking system so can do it now

Sirzy Thu 22-Aug-13 22:36:35

I would phone up and insist on seeing your GP or at least having a telephone consultation with regards a refferal.

I may be biased by bad experiences but I have found that GPs are quite poor at dealing with paediatric asthma, thankfully DS is treated by a fantastic team at the hospital who are battling to her him controlled

mummyto2boysandagirl3 Thu 22-Aug-13 22:52:10

Annoying automated system is saying no appointments at all will phone in the morning

mummyto2boysandagirl3 Thu 22-Aug-13 23:22:33

Sorry another question iv been told if he's struggling (hopefully he won't get bad enough for this) to do 2 puffs of blue inhaler every 2 mins max of 10 puffs this seems alot the last attack I had (Easter Monday) I couldn't wait the 4 hrs for my blue inhaler so was on 2puffs every 2hrs and by t time (I'd started at mid morning) I was taken to hospital as still couldn't breathe and was tachycardic (sorry for the life of me can not spell that word ) due to too much ventolin has anyone else had that happen?

Sirzy Thu 22-Aug-13 23:25:53

It can cause tachycardia symptoms but the key thing is to get the breathing under control and the rest should calm down when that happens

DS has been known to take 10 puffs an hour (in hospital) or 10 puffs every 4 at home. He has 6-15 puffs most days as he is poorly controlled at the moment.

If he needs 10 puffs though then he must go to hospital to get checked out.

mummyto2boysandagirl3 Thu 22-Aug-13 23:38:55

Thank u smile it's just a bit scary when ur hearts racing like that I'm 28 and I was crying lol if I were to b in that position and just took him to a&e should they c him straight away? Iv always found ppl haven't took me seriously when iv had an attack when I had pneumonia the first wk no one helped me (was 28wks pg with dd) mil said was a cold and to just take a puff of my inhaler and I got to the point where I was asking to go to hosp as really struggling this was a Saturday dh told me I was bin ott so phoned midwife who said dd would b fine just to wait til Monday was so ill by time I got to Drs and when I was little my parents used to just tell me to take my inhaler and go sit down for a bit schools were never too bothered and drs never seem v concerned now when iv been taken to oohs with attacks am I just surrounded by insensitive ppl? Lol

Sirzy Thu 22-Aug-13 23:40:55

DS has never had to wait in a and e we are always taken straight through but that is generally because he is still struggling. If things have calmed down then I guess you may not seeing straight away but I wouldn't expect a long wait

mummyto2boysandagirl3 Thu 22-Aug-13 23:46:49

Thats good I don't really mind when it's me but hate when the dc r poorly and left waiting esp if it's ds2 asthma and really should b seen tho I often find with chest infections & croup the drive to oohs allows the calpol to kick in and the fresh air means they have generally improved by the time they have got there. Thank u all so much I feel much better tonight been worrying all week x

MistyB Fri 23-Aug-13 07:23:02

His stools improving on removing dairy is a good sign! My dietician was very practical and said that was evidence of at best, an intolerance. The fact that his stools are former means the food is spending longer in the gut and therefore increasing the likelihood that nutrients are bring absorbed. Calories are good but of they are not being absorbed, they are counter productive. You can get calories without dairy.

A huge part of the immune system cones from the gut and if that is not functioning properly then anything he comes up against can floor him.

You could boost his gut with dairy free pre and pro biotics, get lots of long chain fatty acids in to him and supplement vitamin A and vitamin D.

Good luck!!

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