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OMG!!! My D's has Threadworm AGAIN!!

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Sallysadface Mon 22-Jul-13 23:09:34

Ok, so I'm notoriously known to go on a bit, but tonight I am slightly bewildered and frustrated! Ill start from the beginning. Seven weeks to the day I had the bloody shock of my life when my 13 year old complained of a sore backside and bad constipation. Under close inspection i noticed a few tiny white thread like buggers popping there heads out my D's anus. SHOCKED was an understatement. I had a major melt down and literally dragged my poor daughter straight to the docs. The doc reassured me it was quite common and that one tablet should do the trick. That night my daughter took the tablet and me and my hubby took the tape test, although I was quite assured me and the hubby was clear of the b@@tards! ANYWAY these buggers must have known there was a rumble in the jungle because on the 2nd day after taking the tablet they seemed to make an mass exodus. There where clusters of the buggers fleeing my Ds bum. After two weeks of an intense cleaning regime, daily poo check and 2 rolls of tape later, the buggers seemed to have vanished! D's poo was clear, bum hole was scratch free, tape test was clear. The shit bags had done one!!!!! HOWEVER!! Under docs instructions I was told not to repeat the drug if the coast was clear. Everything has been hunky dory till today.........'MOM my bums been itching today'.........NOOOOO. I checked her bottom at exactly 16.35, nothing. I however checked again about 20.30 after her shower, and OH MY DAYS, there is a little bugger having a wonder around her bottom! I have 5 tablets left. I have given her one, plus me and the hubby will have one although I'm pretty sure we are ok. Then I will repeat in two weeks even if the shit bags are gone!!!! My question is has anyone gone through a similar thing?

FannyFifer Mon 22-Jul-13 23:11:44

Chill, I find taking the Ovex tablet doesn't always work.
Try prispen sachet as well.

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