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dd2 diagnosed with type 1 diabetes

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paddyclampo Mon 22-Jul-13 09:35:55

*Sadnews" I think it's great that you're putting a brave face for her. I never had any idea how tough my diagnosis was for my mum until I was an adult. It will all become second nature.

Agree with Ariane5 that it would be good for your DD to talk to someone else who has diabetes. It's a lot more common nowadays so there are plenty of us around!

ANy questions just ask away smile

Josie314 Mon 22-Jul-13 00:55:25

I was diagnosed type one at 14, and after the initial hiccups it didn't effect my life that much. If you can, try to get her on a pump. My life has been so much easier (and my control so much better) since I got on one. It can be embarrassing to give yourself a shot at a party or when out with friends, and that meant that sometimes I skipped them when I really shouldn't have. It is much less intrusive with a pump. That said, depending on where you live they can be quite hard to get.

Also, make sure that she learns how to carb count and adjust her insulin based on what she eats. My doctors initially told me what to eat to work with the insulin, and it was way too much food. I gained 20 pounds in 6 months and still haven't lost it! Hopefully the medical community have moved past that now.

My final tip is to buy some sugar tablets at the pharmacy and make sure she always has them on her. Low blood sugars can be really scary (or worse) if you are unprepared, bit they are just a blip if you have something on hand.

sadnews123 Mon 22-Jul-13 00:18:06

Paddyclampo - I'd never let her see me upset but you're right it's probably easier if it's you getting on with it rather than Mum fretting on the sidelines. smile

ariane5 Mon 22-Jul-13 00:15:13

Where abouts are you? Would be happy to meet up if you are nearby?

Really helped us in first few weeks to meet others with diabetes and helped dd2 to feel like she wasn't the only one.

FoulOleRon Mon 22-Jul-13 00:14:25

By the way it's normal to feel sad about it. I still get very upset, often by commonplace things that are now complicated iyswim.

sadnews123 Mon 22-Jul-13 00:13:59

Ok .Thanks for the replies. I'll have a look in the morning. I suspect I really need some sleep tonight. I don't usually feel this way! Dd would be rolling her eyes at me. I know its baby steps, and a steep learning curve. But was a bolt out of the blue really

paddyclampo Mon 22-Jul-13 00:08:54

Not sure if this comment is going to help or hinder at the minute but I can honestly say that my diagnosis and childhood with diabetes was far more traumatic for my mum than it was for me ... I don't really remember it being too big a deal once I got used to it all. Don't think I took it too well initially but things are a lot better these days smile

FoulOleRon Mon 22-Jul-13 00:07:53

My ds was diagnosed Type 1 a year ago aged 12. Sounds like you're doing well, they seem to cope better with it than us mums do! We were on Novorapid and Lantus, but he started on a pump 10 days ago and life is more 'normal'.
Don't worry, you'll get up to speed very quickly! can be very useful, though I wish they'd start a diabetes section on here. There seem to be several of us with Type 1 children, or who are Type 1.

ariane5 Mon 22-Jul-13 00:06:47

Also, join the cwd email list. You can ask questions on there and everybody is lovely. I do not know how to link but you might be able to google it and sign up.

ariane5 Mon 22-Jul-13 00:03:53

It is overwhelming, I completely understand. When dd was diagnosed I was beside myself and terrified of being alone with her or of her being out of my sight for a second. I was testing her constantly and I was a wreck.

After a couple of weeks something just clicked and I realised I could cope. Dd2 has been amazingly good and never complains about injections which has helped as I was worried she would hate them but she barely feels them.

It is a scary time but soon it will all be just part of life. I still have days where I wish it was me not dd and wish I could just give her my pancreas.
Last week she had a hypo when we were out, afterward as we walked home and passed a cafe I burst into tears as there were mums with their toddlers in there eating cakes and I felt insanely jealous that they could eat whatever, whenever without a second thought.

Most of the time things are ok, we have considered a pump but for now think inj are better for dd.

Please make sure you get loads of support from your hospital. We have not had as much as we needed and feel a bit let down by them. If you are not happy change hospitals and insist on as much help as you need.x

ariane5 Sun 21-Jul-13 23:54:57

I would also second the basal bolus regime. Dd2 is on novorapid and levemir.

sadnews123 Sun 21-Jul-13 23:54:02


She's on lantus and novorapid now so that is good I guess. It's really just sunk in today. She's been very brave but has had a cry. Now she's sound asleep it's my turn. Dh is away with work. I'm suddenly overwhelmed. If only it was me not her.

ariane5 Sun 21-Jul-13 23:52:47

My dd2 (3) was diagnosed in december. We have had a tough few months but it is getting easier.

We really turned a corner when we began carb counting and matching her insulin dose to what she eats. Before then she was either having blood sugar levels too high or too low.

Make sure you are getting lots of support from your diabetes nurse. We didn't in the first couple of weeks and looking back I wish I'd known to push for more help.

paddyclampo Sun 21-Jul-13 23:43:22

I have had type 1 diabetes since I was 8. Sometimes I have bad days but just wanted to reassure you that I haven't missed out in any way and have survived school, uni and childbirth total unscathed!

My advice in the early days is don't let them put her on mixed insulin as it's very very restricting and you have to eat a certain amount at a certain time which is horrible. Ask for her to be put on a basal bolus insulin regime eg lantus and novorapid as quickly as possible!

fiverabbits Sun 21-Jul-13 23:32:53

Write down any information said to you by medical staff as it's very hard to remember it all. Make sure all the family understand about diabetes, my DS is Type 1, diagnosed at 8 now 32 years old still lives at home. I am Type 2 but have insulin injections I had a hypo today but I don't think my DH realised how serious it could have been. Always make you DD take food with her you never know when you could be delayed. Make sure she tells her friends about hypos as they be frightening for other children.

sadnews123 Sun 21-Jul-13 23:17:16

So any tips? At 12 she's being very brave and pragmatic. A few tears, only diagnosed on Friday so very, very early days.

But any advice, suggestions etc gratefully received. We are all a bit shell shocked tbh.

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