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Unusually thirsty baby

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beautifulgirls Sun 21-Jul-13 20:57:02

I would contact your GP when you get back to get her checked out, but if you are worried while away seek medical help there. It sounds like the heat may be getting to her and hopefully that is all, but best be thorough when you are home.

Jinty64 Sun 21-Jul-13 08:57:04

The little boy I used to nanny for was like this. He is now an adult and has never had any health problems. The family used terry nappies and it was a nightmare. He used to wet through several sets of clothes in a day and his whole cot would be wet after his nap and in the morning.

I think, as her blood sugar is fine and she seems happy and healthy, you should enjoy your holiday but speak to your GP on your return to see if he/she can suggest anything.

SweetLikeChocolate Sun 21-Jul-13 07:39:11

My 18 month old DD has always been a thirsty baby. In addition to her standard morning and evening milks, she drinks at least 3 8oz bottles of water a day and a full 8oz bottle which we leave in her cot at night. Now that we are on holiday in a warm climate she is understandably drinking much more to regulate her temperature (5/6 bottles a day) but is waking literally every 2 hours in the night to down a whole bottle of water. Last night she drank her milk, 4 full 8oz bottles of water, her morning milk and now has just drunk another 2 bottles in the hour since waking. Both her father and his identical twin brother and their other brother have type 1 diabetes so obviously it was my first thought. But we have been testing her blood with her dads special kit very regularly and the results are always bang on normal. Her blood sugar is absolutely perfect. Is there something else I am missing? Do babies display diabetes differently? She also isn't grouchy or tired or losing abnormal weight. She is hungry but no more than normal as she has always enjoyed her food. Am I missing something? Could there be some other thing causing abnormal thirst? Or is this just a thirsty girl getting used to waking for water?
Any comments appreciated as I am rather concerned. Obviously I am terrified of the dreaded diabetes!

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