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14 month old with mucousy poo

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IShallCallYouSquishy Sat 20-Jul-13 14:10:46

Sorry but this will be a tad graphic!

For quite a while now, could be a few months if I cast my mind back, my DD's poo has pretty much always been coated in a slimy, stringy mucous. This morning (with a gloved hand!) I had a little prod of the poo she did in her nappy, and while the main stool is actually pretty standard semi firm/semi soft (what I'd consider normal) the coating all over it was quite gelatinous and stringy and stretchy. She has been getting a bit upset just before she poos and sometimes while she is actually poo-ing though she doesn't appear to be overly straining and is definitely not constipated, she poos pretty regularly at about the same time each day. The colour of her poo completely varies depending on what she's eating but again, seems pretty normal.

So, does anyone have experience of mucousy poo in an older, weaned baby.

Thank you

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