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3 year old with widespread bilateral brochial wall thickening - what is this?

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NigellaEllaElla Fri 19-Jul-13 19:53:41

Bumping for you.

PeggyL Fri 19-Jul-13 12:36:07

Is there anyone with medical knowledge on here or anyone who's had the same issues with their children? My DS is 3 and has been on inhalors for 2 years after a persistant cough (although asthma never diagnosed). Was getting sick of just getting a repeat prescription for him all the time without even seeing a doctor - no-one was monitoring him and when I did finally take him to the GP, she just said to keep him on them! Had been referred to a paeds doc at local hospital who said it wasn't asthma and then finally got a referral to UCLH in London where a consultant saw him.

He had a chest X-ray and they said this 'demonstrates widespread bilateral bronchial wall thickening with no evidence of bronchiectasis' and to take him off inhalors to see if it makes any difference. Does anyone know what this is as it sounds scary!? Took him off inhalors and he's not coughed once since, infact he's better than when he was on them. They want him to try a different medication but I'm just don't know what's going on - any advice?xx

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