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Whooping cough concern?

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dinnersinthedawg Sat 06-Jul-13 01:42:30

DS (2.5 years) woke up this morning with a wheezy chest and sore throat, he seems reasonably ok in himself but not 100%. He has been coughing in bed tonight intermittently - a kind of dry hacking cough, but it hasn't been severe enough to keep him awake.

So I've got no reason to believe at the moment it is whooping cough, could just be a normal cough but I've read that this is how whooping cough starts and the 'whoop' develops later.

I have a 1 week old DD and I wasn't vaccinated in pregnancy (I wasn't offered it and completely forgot to ask). My DS is up to date with his vaccinations. My question is, should I contact out of hours tomorrow to get my son checked out and rule out whooping cough or get ot treated early if it is? Or am I being paranoid and thinking the worse?


GirlsTimesThree Sat 06-Jul-13 09:55:36

Is there any whooping cough that you know of around where you live that your DS could have been exposed to?
WC tends to start with a flu like illness. When we had it we were ill (the worst 'flu' I'd ever had!) for a good week or so before there was any sign of a cough. Has he been generally unwell for a few days? I think it's very unlikely to be WC in a fully immunised child, it's far more likely to be a common cough/cold, but I'd still keep an eye on him over the weekend.
Just a word of caution. In the very unlikely event that it is WC, watch out for different signs in your newborn. They tend not to cough, but just stop breathing and turn a bit blue. I don't want to scare you, but it's what happened to our DD who was two weeks old. When she was eventually admitted to hospital we couldn't believe they were telling us she had WC.
If you really are worried about your DS, you could take him to thr dr - they could take a swab from the back of his nose to check.

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