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What to do with reflux baby that hates everything!

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milkyjo Fri 21-Jun-13 13:06:57

13 week old dd is breastfed, had a posterior tongue tie snip a week ago, is having gaviscon however the reflux remains. She screams a lot like she's in pain from either the reflux or wind. She hates lying down but will also eventually cry when being held upright so she ends up crying herself to sleep as she is exhausted but wake after half an hour. She won't go in a sling, I've tried 3 different ones, she hates the car seat and car, she cries in the pram. She hates lying on her tummy. We have a wedge for playtime, she tolerates a swing for 5 minutes. She will puke about 5 times and then the crying begins. We are waiting for an appointment with paediatrician but it's not until july. I am at my wits end as I can't stand to see her in pain and also it's really affecting ds 2.5 as he gets quite upset when dd cries. She is fine weight wise. Is there anything else I could possibly try or will I just have to wait it out? We are all so miserable, if it wasn't for the fact that ds needs to go to groups I don't think we'd leave the house!

CreatureRetorts Sun 23-Jun-13 21:46:25

Sounds like my dd. do you wind after every feed, I mean really wind? Because dd took down so much air despite giving her TT snipped - her wind was dreadful. Still is at 18 months (she also has upper lip tie as well). I have to make sure I get the burps out otherwise all hell breaks loose.

Dd and ds have/had silent reflux. Infant gaviscon was crap and I read somewhere it can make things worse. So we got ranitidine which worked for ds but less so for dd. in the end, I stopped dairy and soya and spicy foods etc. had to be careful when weaning too.

The other thing is that she may well be overtired and this can present itself as similar to reflux symptoms. So I had to get them both into regular naps which was hard, especially with dd as I had a 2 year old too.

With the sling, I couldn't put dd in unless she had been winded otherwise she would go mental (pressure on her tummy I suspect). But sometimes it was just that she was so tired, she'd scream for a bit thfn finally sleep. It was how I got her to take a dummy - I had tried so many, but out of desperation, bought a nuk silicon one in the local chemist, stuck it in and hey presto. She will only take that particular type now (and they're only available online or in small chemists annoyingly). So keep trying with the dummy.

Soon you can have her in a pushchair so she's more upright - dd started napping in one from 4 months or so which was a life saver! Worth seeing if that's an option for you? Instead of lie flat.

Iwaswatchingthat Sun 23-Jun-13 21:57:58

Not much else to offer - you have had some excellent advice here. Just did not want to read and run. Wish I had known about mumsnet when dd2 had reflux. Awful time - she was on the gaviscon until she was three and a half years old. only diagnosed at six months - until then i received the classic health visitor's advice of "babies cry"!!!! it is terrible when you feel you can't make your baby happy and I often felt like I did not even like her as all she did was cry!

Dummy is a good tip - wish we had used one sooner. We waited until she was two and it really helped.

Good luck and keep asking for help. X

Sunnysummer Mon 24-Jun-13 02:10:24

We're still working on it... So far omeprazole hasn't done much, and we're at the highest possible dose a paed can give, so are waiting on an appt with the gastro paed (the waiting lists are so epic that he'll hopefully be recovered before we actually get to see someone in NOVEMBER!)

What has worked so far: napping in the ergo sling (he did object at the beginning, so it's worth sticking with it), sleeping with him on my chest, secured with a moby wrap (not as safe as a separate bassinet, but a whole lot safer than a mother who has slept 1 hour a night), keeping upright with absolutely no jiggling or playing after a feed, using wedges below the change table, the activity gym etc; resting upright in the baby bjorn bouncer inbetween sling carries. Public transport everywhere because the car and pram were completely useless.

We also tried a month of total dairy and soy exclusion and 2 weeks of having him on the elecare hydrolysed formula (prescription only, total allergen-free), but neither worked so we are finally back to breastfeeding which is much better, it is more easily digested, so less likely to cause painful gas and/or constipation, plus he finds it more soothing when he gets upset. If you are going fully dairy and soy free, be careful of things like bread and even sweets - but the goo news is that many brands of potato crisps are ok, as is Lindt 75% cocoa chocolate! smile

Athrawes Mon 24-Jun-13 04:47:09

A bit of a sideways look at it from me: my DS had silent reflux so we did all of the above but really it only improved at around 9 months when solids came in quantity.
So - what will help YOU...respite care/day care once or twice a week. Getting a decent night sleep once a week or a half day to lie on the sofa, could give you the mental energy and werewithall to sustain for the next couple of months.

MrsMannie Thu 11-Jul-13 10:29:16

Just a quick post as most has already been said. DS is now 12 weeks, having been diagnosed with GORD at 7 weeks. He is on omeprazole and domperidone which has definitely got his pain under control. Ten days ago we had a major breakthrough when having bought just about every useless reflux aid under the sun with no effect, we bought a Poco baby hammock. The first night we tried it he actually fell asleep in it without needing a two hour pram journey! He now already goes to bed happily at 7.30 and doesn't wake until about 1 am for a feed, then miracle or miracles, will go back in his hammock until about 5 am. We have gone from DH on the sofa and me sitting up all night holding DS to having our evenings back and SLEEPING in the same bed. Won't work for all I'm sure but at £160 and lasts until 9 months, if you get just a few hours sleep, I think you would agree its worth it! Got mine from Kiddicare for next day delivery but they also have their own website.

milkyjo Thu 11-Jul-13 23:25:33

Thanks for all the advice. Dairy, soya, caffeine, citrus fruit and spicy food elimination didn't work and saw absolutely no difference from stopping them, then restarting them a month later. The reflux got really bad when she reached 3 months and now at 4 months we have been prescribed omeprazole. Yet to try it as we're waiting for it to be ordered by pharmacy. It didn't stop ds vomiting but did help with the pain. He was on it by 5 weeks though.

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