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Help any experience of child with iguinal hernia

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Jenny123G Mon 17-Jun-13 09:38:20

Hi I'll keep it short, 2 months ago ds was diagnosed as having iguinal hernia we are awaiting a date for hospital operation appointment. On thu last week ds stopped passing stools and saying hs bum hurt took him to doctor on Friday, dr said it was probably constipation prescribed lactulose 5ml twice daily, which we have kept to since then he's only passed one stool with great fear, anxiety and difficulty, he's dancing around holding his bits saying hurt he's too afraid to go to the toilet or potty and refuses to sit on either. Has anyone out there who's child has had this hernia type experienced anything similar?

mignonette Mon 17-Jun-13 09:44:22

My son had an inguinal hernia and subsequent repair aged three. He did not experience any symptoms of discomfort however. I think you should keep a close eye on him and if he complains of abdominal pain and continues to be constipated then return to the doctor and ask him to examine him. There is a very very small risk that a hernia can torsion (twist) or strangulate causing partial or total bowel blockage. Did your GP discuss that with you? Explain to the receptionist that your son has an IH and you are concerned.

Ensure DS's fluid levels are kept up as constipation can be caused by insufficient fluid intake. The weather is going to turn hot so it is doubly important.

fasterthanthewind Tue 18-Jun-13 10:43:41

I was about to start the exact same thread!

We now do have an operation date, but have been told to keep an eye on the hernia area, and if it goes at all red/angry and swollen, to RUSH to A and E. They worry about strangulation/incarceration (don't know what the difference is).

If it's not visible, then my understanding is that it basically isn't there - the bowel is all lined up normally, and so your son's problems wouldn't be connected to the hernia.

I'm not a doctor, so don't take my word for this!

We have spent a fair while trying to work out whether the surgery is absolutely essential, and it seems like there isn't a clear answer. Because it's always done, they don't know what happens if it isn't done, and what proportion of inguinal hernias would self-resolve. We're going to go ahead with the surgery anyway, because the op seems to be easier/more effective in children than adults.

mignonette Tue 18-Jun-13 15:28:39

Strangulation is where a coil of intestine twists and interrupts its own blood supply.

Incarceration is when part of the hernia (intestine) drops down into the Inguinal canal (which can sometimes stay open in little boys) and gets trapped. A hernia can descend down into the inguinal canal and even end up in the testicular region (My DS had this) but a medical professional can usually encourage in to freely move back up the Inguinal canal. If that won't happen, it is termed an incarceration and needs surgery stat as it can a) interrupt intestinal blood supply or b) cause a raise in the temperature of the testes therefore risking the chance of developmental abnormalities in the young Teste...

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